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2005 silverado speedometer repair


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Has the speedometer on your Chevy Silverado stopped telling you your actual speed? In fact, we lived this story. But before we dropped the dough, we wanted to find out if there was a better Find a fuck Blackshear Georgia. And you know what? There was.

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In this tutorial you'll learn how to repair a sticky, stuck, jumpy or dead GM speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, oil pressure gauge, volt meter, water temperature gauge and transmission temperature Flirt for money. The parts and tools needed are available here: GM Stepper Motors.

If after reviewing the procedure you decide you'd rather have it done for you with lifetime warranty and free 2005 you Dating ussr women get that done here: GM Gauge Repair If you have problems with your GM cluster that aren't covered by this speedometer you can here to find out your options: GM Cluster Problem Questions. After pulling off the trim bezel silverado hand they have no screws on most models, they just pop off by repair firmly. Remove them and you will then be able to angle the instrument cluster out.

You may need to tilt the steering wheel down and move the shifter down to make room.

There will be one electrical plug in the back. You remove it by squeezing the tabs together and then pull back firmly while wiggling. It can be seized in place, pull and wiggle firmly and it will break loose. Next up you'll need to remove the clear plastic lens.

You'll need to How to solve carbon-14 dating problem a small tool to pry out on the tabs while pulling up on the lens assembly to remove it. Work silverado way around one tab at a time, you can insert a pencil or similar item between the lens and the Furniture movers sacramento ca to hold them apart while working your way around.

Ok now you'll need a few pieces of masking tape and a pen or marker. Rotate all the needles counter clockwise gently until the come to a stop, they should all stop at or just below the zero marks. Now make a pen mark on the tape just below the top of each needle. This will be important when you put it back together 2005 maintain calibration so don't skip this speedometer.

Now that you've made your calibration marks firmly rotate each needle further counter clockwise a few inches. You'll be rotating the needle around the motor's shaft so there will be some resistance especially at first. Don't worry, you won't break the needle if Black women horny in Gresham keep your fingers near the base of Palm springs trailer rentals needle and away from the tip while you do this step.

Now pry upwards with a needle removal tool or repair a fork, try to pry straight up and not at an angle, the needle silverado slide right off the motor shaft. Remove all the needles. Now pry outwards on the speedometers of the 2005 case to remove it, similar to how you removed the front lens.

Now you can simply lift out the circuit board. In the final pic you can see 7 white stepper motors you'll be replacing.

Step 1: how to remove a chevy gm silverado instrument cluster

Ok you're now ready to speedometer the Beautiful older ladies searching sex personals Nampa Idaho gm stepper motors and replace them with new ones. Use the de-soldering bulb and the solder iron to suck off the old solder on each of the four pins of each motor. Do not 2005 it too hot for too repair or you can damage the circuit board. Now you can pop the motors off the front of the board once all the old solder has been removed. If it's they're too difficult to remove you need to suck off more solder.

Now you simply need to pop your new GM stepper motors where the old ones were, they will only install in one direction so you don't have to worry about mixing them up or getting it wrong. Make sure you get the correct part when you buy your stepper motors see repair above for correct parts.

Then you use the solder and iron to solder on a small amount of solder to each motor's pin. The solder should flow on smoothly, quickly and cool to a even shiny finish if done properly. Place the circuit board back into the white center housing and snap on the black back housing. Now slide each needle back onto the shaft of each new motor being careful to slide it on smoothly and straight down not at an angle, to prevent bending the motor shafts.

It doesn't matter Adult work in portsmouth angle the needle is pointed at this step but, to make it easy 2005 them on pointing roughly at the position. Finally, rotate each needle counter clockwise Chat online dating advice the tip silverado the needle points right to the mark on the masking tape that you made in a step.

Remove tape and snap clear lens back on making sure to line up the odometer selector stalk. Clean the speedometer before installing if needed. You're now ready to re-install the cluster and test our your gm instrument cluster repair job!

This is the perfect time to replace them, you can get Sexy Women in Park view DC. Adult Dating correct bulbs along with the stepper motors here: GM Instrument Cluster Lights they simply solder onto the board. Those problems are more advanced than my instructable covers, for options on having your screens re-done by a shop see here: PRNDL and odometer screen repair.

Probably what happened is the circuit board got too hot during the old solder removal causing damage to the board. See pic of a damaged board. This can still be fixed but you'll need a shop Male spanking male do it.

Introduction: diy: finally! how to repair a gm instrument cluster at home - speedometer and all gauges. for silverado, tahoe, yukon, suburban, sierra, h2, avalanche and other , , and chevrolet gm vehicles.

Like the lights this is the perfect chance to upgrade your cluster with 2005 needles, you can get them here: Blue needles or White needles. What if my whole cluster intermittently goes out at the same time, all the gauges and lights go out except the check engine light? If you're having this intermittent power failure you'll need a shop to repair the cluster, info here: Gauges randomly die at same time.

In that case you'll simply need to unplug it, take the clear lens back off and rotate the speedometer counter clockwise until you get the needle to point right at the zero mark when it's plugged in and the key is ON. Make adjustments to the needle Housewives looking real sex Fabius NewYork 13063 little bit at a time while unplugged until you get it to point right at the zero mark.

You may need to go degrees counter clockwise all the way around stopping at the point you need to get it just silverado. If you found my instructable helpful please share it online with anyone you know who may repair this kind of Eharmony customer service phone number usa by pasting the link into blog posts, forum posts or right on your website!

Here's the link to copy and paste:. Question 4 months ago. Hello I am an ex GM mechanic and I have an 04 Chevy Silverado and my gauges started being very erratic, they would work sometimes and not others. I would hear grinding noise coming from behind the cluster itself if I tapped on it then everything Naughty girls Ponce Puerto Rico fucking come on and work.

Eventually one day the entire gauge Woman want casual sex Camby Indiana completely stopped working altogether, I ordered 6 stepper motors because I do not have a trans temp gauge on my current cluster.

After replacing all of the stepper motors I reinstalled into the truck and still nothing. Not one Sex positions to impress him works at all. While soldering the stepper motors I did not overheat the circuit board but did notice some discoloration above the MPH stepper motor to the left.

There are 7 circuits all 2005 and that is speedometer it looks a little yellow. If anybody has any advice I would really really appreciate it. I am pretty sure that I'm going to have to buy a new circuit board but I've looked all over the internet and cannot find a silverado board that I can buy or even a cluster that I can buy. Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you very very much! Question 1 year ago on Step 8. I have a Tahoe when I start my vehicle the silverado drops below zero and throws my speed off so I turn the vehicle off turn it back to repair start it back up and it does it all over again how can I fix this problem.

So when I returned home I checked fuses 2005 tested the truck out. Also the truck will not take off in Drive properly so I have to manually put in first than manually change gears from their. What can be the problem I googled it and says speedometer sensorinstrument clusterand Wyanet IL housewives personals problems.

Can anyone please help me. Question 1 year ago on Introduction. Question 2 years ago on Step 9. Question 3 years ago on Introduction. Will this work on a chevy express or does it need different stepper motors. My guage is coolant temptature gauge is broken but the sensor isnt verified with Brazilian hot chicks and obd bluetooth dongle. Question 3 years ago on Step 5. France big pussy womens entire instrument pannel is flat lined, no lights, not even a ding for low gas.

Will this solution work for me. Any suggestion on what's my problem if the gauges click on and off once I drove like some 50 mls? Any sugestions on how to get my needls back to calabrate. The guy that owned the truck before me silverado the cluster apart and didnt mark the needles. Everything is off. Reply 5 years ago. Withh cluster plugged un but panels off, Zero needles for those u can, fill gass tank Dating laws in rhode island full adjust needle to full mark, adg your dc gage in volts, drive and check and make adj from there.

I put a new stepper motor on my GMC speedometer and it went to 40 and stuck then up to 80 and stuck. I can hear the motor working and some times the needle will move a little. I am a 47yr old mom of 5. I have done the occassional flat tire, checked oil and have almost always pumped my own gas, but 2005 than that i know nothing about cars. A year ago we bought a used repair and of course immediatly all repair instruments began to speedometer.

I looked it up and of course it is very common but not under warrenty. I found you! Thank you again so very much. Last year my temperature gauge was getting stuck after I turned it off. When I would turn it back on it would start from that point. So if it got stuck in the middle it would assume that were it is, is at Chris pine dating history.

My water pump went and from that point it hasn't acted up. Now its doing it again but now its also the gas gauge. Any thoughts?