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30 signs you re a lucky girl dating a simple guy


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The excitement of the drama wears away quickly when stress and instability starts to swallow you.

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Insecurity is the root of a lot of issues in relationships. You will definitely feel like you have the upper hand in a relationship with an insecure woman, and a lot of dudes consider that a huge win. Encourage her to have a life of her own.

Help her out. It might be the best thing you ever did.

30 s you’re dating an insecure woman

Life Escorts service nyc full of gambles. This is difficult to defend against, because after all, you are a man. Solicited compliments have no real value, but she feeds on them.

Textbook manipulation. She wants to be the only person in your life, so she methodically attempts to alienate you from everyone you care about.

This is just an attempt to control the relationship, and by extension, you. We all want to feel needed by our partners, but we also want some degree Traits of irish people independence. Not her. She likes all the movies you like, re all the same books and is content to watch you play video games for four hours.

Relationships are all about give and take and establishing boundaries. If you suggest some area of improvement and she takes it way too hard, you might just stop bringing up those things altogether and end up miserable.

Overreactions are the hallmark of the insecure. She goes nuts on you over some little thing, then moments later wants to cuddle up and tell you how much she loves you? This is crazy-town.

Does she laugh when she sees an old person fall down? You tell her how much you got done today and she insists she did more.

You tell her you about a trophy you got as a kid and she tells you about the time she was in the paper. Raised by wolves and educated by the streets of L. More Posts. Wall Street Insanity.

The unicorn boyfriend: 30 s you’re a lucky girl dating a simple guy

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