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Dating and marriage, a universal source of parent-child friction, can be especially shaky in the homes of Indian-Americans, as U. When parents have spent their critical teenage years in a different country, generational and cultural chasms can combine to create delicate situations and force life-changing choices. She and her husband were engaged one week after their very first meeting, in the U. Generational differences pose challenges that can lead to secrecy, unfamiliar conversations, compromises and sometimes Extacy drug test decisions.

The most difficult: How, and for how long, will young adults play the field? How, and when, will parents get their daughters married off? Brahmbhatt was married in India when she was Although Brahmbhatt is used to frequent questions and implied judgment, interrogations from Indian Easy online dating website and family, whether well-meaning or just nosy, can lead to stress for parents of unwed adults.

Indeed, many immigrant parents are quick to direct, lest their children lose all sense of their heritage.

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Looking back, he regrets the eight-year age difference between him and his wife, who was 16 when they wed. Finding shared interests has been a year struggle, he said. The divergences between South Asian immigrants and Wheat Ridge forum dating swingers American-raised children seem to be more about personal experiences than anything else.

Parents see the world through a different lens, colored by growing up in India, severely limited or no dating, and a drastically different educational background. In pre-arranged matrimonies, there was not Free indian chat site lot of dating or courtship involved, Ahluwalia said.

Dating and marriage: tradition meets tension in indian-american homes

And if parents restrict dating, children will hide details about their love lives. Additionally, the Pew Values Survey found that younger Americans are more accepting of interracial dating than their older Bulgaria mature married women store. Flora "wants an Indian guy, if possible, but what's in our destiny nobody knows," said Brahmbhatt, who is of the Hindu faith.

Friends who Chinese dating site reviews to set up Brahmbhatt's daughter up with men are grilled on a few things before mom will agree to a date. Is he well-educated? Is he at least 5 feet 10 inches or 5 feet 11 inches? Like Brahmbhatt, Mohiuddin, in Detroit, deals with the stigma of having a single daughter over the age of 30; two, in fact.

Mohiuddin's unmarried daughters are 35 and That's "an anathema in our culture," he said. Trending Articles.

Government and Politics. News Dating and marriage: Tradition meets tension in Indian-American homes Dating and marriage, a universal source of parent-child friction, can be especially shaky in the homes of Indian-Americans, Internet dating bad experiences U. Written By: news grandforksherald.

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