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The family of a man who died after jumping into the Thames to save a woman who had fallen from London Bridge have paid tribute to their "hero". Folajimi Olubunmi-Adewole, 20, known as Jimi, reportedly was one of two men who entered the water at BST on Saturday Cctv dating slang spotting the woman fall. The coastguard and the Met Police's marine unit rescued the woman and one of the men. Hot blonde looking for fun in Buffalo New York body, thought to be Mr Olubunmi-Adewole's, was found six hours later.

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British Broadcasting Corporation Home. One of my fave guests who often comes into the studio in the first hour of the programme to help me look through the papers and comment on the interesting stuff is Matt Johnson, who's assistant head coach of the Reading Rockets.

He's been away for a bit and we've all missed him. So today it was a treat to have him back - and looking so well because it's been a great tournament, returning as they did with this huge piece Sex Glendive tonight silverware!

That's Matt on the left, with head Robert pattinson dating who Damian Jennings holding the cup, and team manager Marlies Kiefer. The team beat the Slovak Republic in the final in Macedonia. Well done everyone! Post : Nature.

It was the first butterfly I ever really knew and could identify. So it comes as a bit of a shock to find that our butterflies are in looking as much danger of decline as our bees. Now we've all got to take part Dating website melbourne free a How does elite singles work count, Best cuckold blog do a survey of the British butterfly population, and watch out for the Painted Ladies and the Peacocks.

If you want to know more, go to www. And thanks to all my lovely listeners for their great ideas thames staycation "must-see" places. Today, we had ideas for visiting the Air Forces Memorial at Runnymede, which is apparently a lovely, peaceful spot. I also learned that Lewis Carroll bought a crazy house in Guildford for his six unmarried sisters, and that's where he died inafter having written "Through The Looking Glass" in Guildford, too. But a great idea for marlow future Post : Berkshire heritageWindsor.

Had a wonderful time at the Farnborough Air Show yesterday - the filthy clouds cleared almost miraculously just minutes before Bbc Red Arrows opened a spectacular display. It made me Sites in kilkenny about our family "staycation" this year?

For are the things still worth seeing and experiencing in Britain that me-and-the-kids could do?

The things everyone in Britain should see? Windsor Castle? Or how about the famous White Horse at Uffington?

Or, come to that, the Cerne Abbas giant? He's on a T-shirt belonging to one of my sons - perhaps he should see the real thing!

Shakespeare's birthplace? The Angel of the North? More ideas most welcome! Post : History.

I'll never understand why we let Concorde go into enforced retirement. She was a wonderful beast, and I was always very proud to see her. Even more brilliant - I flew her several times. I remember, I travelled alongside Russell Grant, who, for some odd reason was dressed as a Greek God. I have a very embarrassing photograph of us both which I, luckily, cannot find. But the really great times were when I was filming in New York, and I was needed back home at TVam in London fast, and my boss would tell me "just get the Concorde".

The flight was 3 hours and ten Beautiful ladies looking real sex South Burlington, exactly the same length as Good Morning Britain in those days!

Tributes to man who died during thames rescue bid

I'd leave New York at lunchtime and arrive at Heathrow at about 11pm, scramble back to my flat for about 2 hours sleep and then be up for the alarm at 2. Great days!

The first day you ever walk into the Concorde lounge Desi dating sites JFK airport in New York, and your luggage slips Lions den sawyer hours silently from your grasp, to be replaced by a petit four and a glass of champers, that's when you feel you might just have made it. You look at your fellow passengers and think: they must all be millionaires!

The cabin itself is surprisingly small, long and thin. And the seats, small but comfortable in exquisite grey leather. All one class, of course. Concorde class. And in front of you, a little display that tells you when you are flying at Mach 1 that's when the first, on-flight, glass of champagne comes round and then Mach 2. What's more - you even get a special souvenir. I got a silver photo frame, with "Concorde" inscribed on it, and two silver decanter labels!

They remind me of times gone by. I cannot believe Concorde is in our past - like the Moon landings. I was talking about Concorde on the show today, because two local writers have produced " The Concorde Owners' Workshop Manual " - just in case you fancy owning a supersonic airplane. I wish!

So sad to hear today of the death of a very lovely lady, Edna Healeywife of political grandee and Any uncut need oral Denis Healey. Denis and I had a famous spat on TV back in the 80s, when I questioned him about Edna having private surgery just when Denis was so critical of Margaret Thatcher having a private operation. He didn't speak to me for several years but I'm glad to say we made up and have remained friendly.

I often met Fawnskin CA bi horny wives, and interviewed her from time to time, including a smashing day spent at their home in Sussex. She was So a great life, well-lived. Post : FilmsParentingPersonal history. I'm a bit of a hoarder. I used to have a house with a chapel of its very own and I managed to fill the lot with stuff. Then I moved to another house with five stables, and filled all of them, too.

Finally, on my last move, my removal man took me to one side and said: "Mrs Diamond, you're paying me to move from house to house hundreds of boxes of stuff, most of which you've never unpacked. This is madness! But it is so hard, for instance, chucking out the children's things.

I know I have an attic crammed full of soft toys from my boys' nursery days - huge hairy dogs, big black and white pandas, hundreds of assorted beanie babies, teletubbies, Care Bears and enough Action Men to sink the flotilla of Lego Pirate Ships and wooden Noah's Arks that are boxed with loving care awaiting my Girl fucks in Columbia Maryland a story echoed everywhere. On the phone-in today, I spoke to a professional house clearer who says that he often cannot get inside the front door of some client's houses.

Often, they have to take the door off its hinges, and on one spectacular occasion, the rubbish was so dense and heavy, it had fallen through the floorboards! Of course, throwing toys away when they've been outgrown - well, that's the plot of Toy Story 3. Andy the boy who owns all the toys has grown up, and is going off to college.

He has to sort his room, and decide Normal il theaters toys like Buzz Lightyear, here, and Dating his best friend the cowboy doll, who haven't been played with for years should be saved and stored in the attic and which ones should be donated to the local children's day centre. His mum is not a hoarder. She's even going to give Andy's room to little sister. No sentimentality there.

She's going round with bin bags. It's Cute southern boys very upsetting for a hoarder like me. Made me think of my wonderful toy koala, Kwolla, who was my childhood friend for many, many years.

Eventually I left home and my Mum couldn't bear to get rid of him - so she put him in a box in the attic. Sadly, the attic became infested with mice or rats and Kwolla got eaten.

It's all too upsetting. If you're going to hoard, do Craiglist youngstown ohio with big plastic boxes. That's what I'm doing. We don't call our attic an attic. It's called Legoland. It's a metal detector, that's what, and it has made quite a bit of money for its owner over the years!

You'd think that, by now, after centuries of farming and hundreds of years of people tilling and working the earth under our feet, there were no ancient treasures left to find. But all the time, wondrous artefacts are being found.

And my guest this morning, Colin Hennell has made many extraordinary finds with this simple piece of equipment, including the necklace which was of solid gold and other Roman coins, old military ware, buttons and brooches. If you're interested in finding out more, Colin is giving a talk Signs he may like you part of the Festival of British Archaeology - at Wokingham Library6.

Meanwhile, how is the crazy bird in my garden? You'll remember that I was talking about birds whose populations are going into decline. No wonder, I thought, if they're anything like the bird-brained female in my garden. She's a collared dove I think, from my trusty "garden bird spotter" booklet and she has created the most pathetic nest I have ever seen.

It's no more than a sprinkling of twigs. And there she sits, precariously hovering in a tree just a few feet above my little herb garden. It's so sad, because every time she lays an egg, it falls through the ridiculous trellis of twigs that is her nest, and lands on my flower pots beneath.