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I was here recently for Looking Real Sex Parkdale Arkansas birthday and it is new management now. There was a bit of an issue last time I was here with my partner so I complained and the owner immediately got back to me to find out what had happened and made sure to fix this problem immediately. They gave us VIP treatment for this issue and made us feel welcome! Thank you.

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BZ is a dump compared to TNT,but Need a good bj tomorrow think the members tolerate it, because the management doesn't hassle anyone about their "activities" there, as opposed to the shitty treatment they've gotten from Steve Daniels, TNT owner, who will bitch out paying customers for violating "club rules.

Such a shame. I really enjoy going to the Bodyzone or the BZ, as it is sometimes called. It's a discreet hideaway where my gay male fantasies are regularly fulfilled.

Populated by good looking, laid back men into all manner of activity. The public areas feature a shower room with camera, a dark room with exciting, stimulating videos, Beautiful housewives looking sex tonight Socorro steam room with a larger area and a smaller, more private area, a hot tub with camera, a small area with glorious holes in the wall adjacent to my absolute favorite a very comfortble leather and chains sling cubby to relax in and marvel at the activities taking place in the mirrored ceilings.

Lots of camaraderie in the hallways. A tanning booth, a regular tv area with comfortable chairs, a pool table, workout equipment and vending machines with toys and stimulating items.

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Great thumping music and exciting, stimulating videos are broadcast throughout. A guaranteed great, relaxing time. You'll be both freed and hooked.

Look for me in the sling cubby!! I'll be waiting hard for you. They even have theme nights college hunks, leather and blackout parties.

Thank you,Skippy BZ, for that impressive bath of a wonderful, fun filled, Detroit institution, that possibly has gotten a bad wrap. That place is terrible paid for VIP room and TV didnt work right picture house terrible then manganent and someone in room next to me was watching me thru a vent a I believe video Lady wants casual sex Plaucheville me with ther phone thru a vent in the ceiling i hooked up with a guy and his friend and his friend asked them before we did anything sexual if they were clean they said yes then after the fact the one came out told me he was HIV body my heart sank I'll never trust another person again in those situations which has ruined my homosexuality desires because now I'm afraid to get HIV thank God I didn't but I was just embarrassing me being a homosexual and that happened now I can't even get erect because of the stress of that incident it smells in there dirty the porn is so old dont go there.

I can't remember what year it opened. When it opened, they said they were going to do all this stuff like put in a Jacuzzi that would rival the one at Steamworks in Chicago. They had a fiberglass one for a long time, I think it is broken and Housewives looking real sex Denham have not replaced it.

Basically, they just have a steam room, that's it.

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One thing I have to give TnT credit for, they always kept TnT very clean, The Body Zone is dirty, it smells, the rooms are dirty and they have not done any updating to it since it opened. Sometimes god removes someone from your life thing I do give them credit for is they have parties like a "blackout" party where they dim the lights, stupid, but it does draw a crowd. Steamworks in Chicago has a bath third floor which is a "play" area, with a maze of all kinds of fun zone and glory hole booths The Body Zone Dating girl at work has this stupid 2 dark hallways.

It is one of the body deed house houses I've ever been to.

There is no fun. Post your comments The Body Zone Website. Chris H at PM. Anonymous April 19, at AM. Ian Horny women in flenerky June 20, at PM. Anonymous March 31, at AM.

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