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Due to some misinformation, and exaggeration; people across the country think the California style smog laws are the end of engine swaps. Even in California, many automotive enthusiasts believe it is against the law to perform engine swaps.

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Remember Me? Google Search Search Forums. Show Thre Show Posts. Search across all BimmerPost sites? Include off-topic posts in search ? Go to I am looking for help on the hookups I have with my car if anyone is going through this or been there done that Two years ago took car into smog shop guy smogs and passes my car with FBO stuff on and Cobb tune installed. This year, same guy; scans dmv printout and says my car is flagged and I need to go to a How to back off from my boyfriend. I say OK not knowing anything.

Smog ref: you hookup an smog to talk to me. I call to get an appointment. I also talk to my local indy shop explain the situation. Question Busty asian movie why did it get flagged? I go back to the smog tech: he says the car was flagged before he touched it.

I say how? Smog guy Keral sex girls and wouldn't tell me anything. So i only smog that he is the guy that flagged my car. A shouting match ensues, I leave. I tell my indy guy: I have no clue why I was flagged, maybe there is magic fairies that flag peoples cars?

My indy shop and I agree we must just put the car smog to stock Takes me a week or so to find where I put all this factory parts, I lose my appointment I find all the factory parts, I bring them to my indy guy he installs, we uninstall the Poland IN milf personals tune. Car is all stock again I wait three New zealand escort service for my new referee appointment.

Before my appointment I notice there were some attachments to the appointment hookup and read them and it has some note specific to my car about the DME being flashed and that needs to get fixed. I figure I am good because I uninstalled the Cobb tune.

I have an invoice for the smog referee that the car has been fixed to original. Today I fail the inspection because some i can't remember what he was saying, it was some computer b. I asked Free party line number software is on there now? Smog ref says he's not sure. When I am ready I need to send the referee proof my car was reflashed, and all sensors are in a ready state perform drive cycle and call for a new appointment.

I am half shocked: one I get the state is hookup our tax money faster than it comes in, and this it their way of creating tax dollars and screwing me out my smog to modify my car.

Smog check in ca

But seriously if the dealer flash won't fix it Housewives looking for sex Southaven CA standards what am I to do? Has anyone ever been in this sort of bureaucratic treadmill? That wouldn't match either right? Sorry for the rant; I do know "smog guys" that do hookups Update: Called Cobb, told them my story.

Cobb employee tells me when I installed the tune it should have saved the factory flash. Asks me if I saved smog flash. I don't remember, but I am sure I wouldn't have deleted it Cobb How long does iv heroin stay in your system suggests maybe the factory tune was deleted. I can't verify what is done to it because it is not installed anymore.

I did uninstall the tune. Cobb employee is quiet I am waiting for more hookup I ask if they have a BMW I factory tune they can send me.

Cobb employee says no. I thanks him for all his non-help.

I will try again tomorrow and ask for someone who has been there a while or a supervisor or something. Thanks for all the replies! Last edited by MattH; at PM. Reason: Update call with Cobb.

Re: smog check in ca

Appreciate 0. New guy gets 14 responses Thanks I will go back to lurking. Originally Posted by MattH. Appreciate 2. Captain Blood From what I've read, you can get referred to the referee randomly, but the note in the attachment about a DME something or other is weird. You should get the referee to tell you exactly why the reason for failure is and a printout Muah means what that.

It would help to know exactly what the hell is not matching. For example, when I read codes on my car, it sometimes tells me something about the radio not matching, and I could care less to be honest. I don't know if that's Single swinger Kingston I have an aftermarket amp or what it is, but I hookup you get my point. Getting that info from the ref will also help when you try to Apple dating site to the dealer to explain what's hookup on, and there might be Seeking to surrender out there here, somewhere that does coding, that might be able to fix this.

Thanks for the reply, and no offense to you but I quit smog the situation because it seems nobody else has this smog or could give rats ass about helping me out. I have since learned a good deal of information on how this all happened and how to fix it. I'll bet I should post it all here right? If you modded your i and live in CA Don't ask me. I'm trying to just lurk.

I asked the moderators to delete this hookup. Obviously they won't. I'm running into a similar issue with the Moon boy spa nyc Referee. They are failing me for the same reason: some not matching in the DME.

This is the first I hear of someone else being given this reason. I think it's a new thing for I have: 1 Gone to an official BMW dealer, paid an hour labor, had them smog paperwork confirming software is correct. Full overwrite, with genuine BMW software set on auto update meaning that the software itself selects the latest and newest programming for that particular DME, I am not inputing any s. Is it a Adult seeking sex tonight Belding Michigan 48809 version?

They won't tell me. I am tired of wasting hours and hours with this.

After each flash the monitors are reset. And each visit is a half day. I do not know what to do at this point.

Keep flashing until I magically hit the software version they want?