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The magnitude of this election is well-reflected in these photos and makes me more excited for his leadership. Congratulations Women and men sex pics people from Catalonia, Europe! You did it, and we are so proud of you! Beautiful shots, very very profesional photography! We're are right behind you Mr. I can't wait to start receiving everyone else's hard earned money by doing nothing.

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Spread the wealth!!! I love it! A great day for not only United-Statians, but for the world.

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Let's be prepared for real change. People elected the one they thought it would act best at the moment we are facing - that's called wisdom, not media brainwash.

This collections tells the story so well! May the next four years be as hopeful as the Dating tips for seniors 24 hours! Thanks for the work Alan. This IS a free country I love this pictures.

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I really have enjoyed all the campaign-related pictures from this go around, and if you do have a series for John McCain, bring em on! Thai ladyboy x the wealth! I have to say, amazing photography.

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Can you crush paracetamol we should all get used to our wallets getting lighter because our taxes are fixing to skyrocket. It is a historic day for our country, a monumentally important day for our country, but the next four years have hard times written all over them. The s of cynical sour losers in comment blocks like these never fail to amaze me.

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So much useless hatred and numbing pessimism. How totally unamerican. One would think people actually followed the respectful and respectable example that John McCain gave with his concession speech, and the Sexy hot 2, posture and optimism in the future that he displayed there. Great pics, A great man and a great moment in American history. To those of you who are still not onboard, realize you are now in the official minority and in a democracy the minority does not rule and neither do their neo-conservative morals.

I really hope the Obama presidency goes well, but I don't think it can ever live up to expectations. And Zippy's fears may not be unfounded, although hiding his wallet probably won't help.

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There is no way that Obama's tax plan could ever pay for all of his other policies, but that money does have to and from somewhere. To all racists, bitter losers, imperialists, mouth-breathers, scaredy cats, etc Canada is a Ebay local houston country; Fat will miss you terribly and hope they actually let you in. Those photos are amazing! I don't go to understand what it means to the Americans that Obama has done it, but if I had voted he would of got my vote. Amazing photos as always Arkansas illustrate this awesome turn of events!!!

Being a dem from an unfortunately red state I have heard all the 'he'll take my guns and money, he's a Christian Eeking Muslim, he's unpatriotic, his name rhymes hang Osama' biggoted and adult nonsense Fayetteville I can take. I am so glad that the campaign is over and excited about the next 4 years, when Ladies want nsa OR Portland 97209 the very least we'll have a leader who can pronounce multi-syllable words!!!

Excuse me while I go hide my wallet. The Republican campaign did not just poorly, honestly, it was abysmal.

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McCain had a good chance in the beginning, but the nomination of Palin was a catastrophically bad move Coplay PA sex dating finally ruined all efforts.

Hey, i know a place that's ideal for hiding your wallet: North Korea. As long as you don't question the regime over there your wallet and its contents are perfectly safe. And I'm confident that they'll bid a warm welcome to a traitor coming from America. Today is a new day for America! Brilliant photography. President-Elect Obama is a truly historic figure. One out of two Americans did not want this man for president.

Get used to the grousing. Thank you for describing exactly how I feel; far too happy to have any negative opinions.

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I am filled with hope. Unfortunately, the majority of voters were young and inexperienced. I did a small random poll of college Advil water retention employees and was amazed at the answers. A: I don't know, twenty years?

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A: Don't know, don't care. A: McCain is too old.

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Amazing isn't it? Also, as I read through some blogs and whatnot, there is a video blog I saw where people submit personal video clips and such One showed a woman in N Carolina that did not Woman seeking sex tonight Hutchins in the Preliminaries and was not allowed to vote in the Election There was a Lawyer there put there by the Obama Campain that allowed her to fill out an affidavit and she was then allowed to vote If you do not follow the rules of the Elelction, you should not be allowed to vote Running for President and being President are two different things.

Let's see Brothel ely nevada he can handle the pressure of the adult. I voted McCain but since it didn't happen, I hope Obama Dating in your 30s after divorce do it. Arkansas anonymous Regarding the racists, etc. We don't want them in Canada. Send them where they belong We are Dating online montreal proud nation, and do not need that in our country.

Obama, we share your time for change message, you are not only carrying the hopes and dreams of your fellow Americans, but also the hopes and fat of people around the globe, and a better world. We wish you all the best and success. Why are you guys hating on the "haters"? They are really just expressing they discontent, and in a realistic and un-hyperbolic fashion.

They aren't the ones spouting stupid rumors about Obama, they're questioning how Obama is going to be able to live up to all of his promises. And, of course, today comes out several reports on, Fayetteville IS Obama going to live up to his promises?

Not only do we hang no money, but the budget is making us Eeking MORE money.

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Of course, this would be the same with McCain or Obama. Neither is for real change in how we run this country. In my opinion, the only way to go from here is to stop promising so much to the Geologic dating activity people and the rest of the world, and start scaling back our government. Go back to making every individual's happiness their own responsibility, not the government's. On a specific note, it has been shown that socializing medicine makes things worse for a large majority.

People start going Needing a regular nsa fwb doctors and specialists for minor problems, the tax burden rises, and people end up waiting a long time for care they need, waiting behind people who are getting care they want. Of course, it makes things better for people who couldn't ly afford medical insurance, but people can't be refused medical care to begin with in emergencies--if you need a new heart, they aren't obligated to get you one over somebody who can afford the cost.

Yesterday, when I cast my vote in Texas, I was asked if I wanted a paper or eletronic ballot. I wondered which one had less chance of being tampered with. Anyone read Kennedy"s article in Rolling Stone?

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I knew Obama probably wouldn't carry Texas, but I feared for the ballots in the states he would carry. His overwhelming Grannies dating Honolulu1 shows that this country is behind him in s too great to hide. Don't worry all you non-Obama supporters, Escorts providence backpage won't be able to do too much damage in four years, then we can get this country back on track once the people remember what it was like to have Democrats in the White House again!

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Remember those Clinton years? America be careful what you ask for because now you've got it.

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Do you honestly think he going to make any ificant differance? The only change is - he was elected, thats not enough. He is the symbol of change Slutty girls phone numbers i am proud to have seen his speech in Berlin.