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Flow chart of family relationship


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Family relationship chart: terms and classifications of cousins

Well, we may not be related; but have you ever wondered about your cousins and their exact relationship to you? Some may be first cousins.

But what if your first cousins have kids? What are they referred as? Some time ago we had a big fat Greek reunion yes I am half Greek. And there were tons of relatives!

I was trying to figure out if people were second or third cousins, or first once removed. Anyway, it inspired me to look up the information and study it more.

There are plenty of charts online, but I made my own. And I will explain how it works. To find out the relationship between you and another relative first go to the common ancestor box and plug in your closest generation grandparent Sexy spy movies you and that relative have in common.

If this is the case, than that relative is your first cousin once removed.

Family relationship in a flow chart

I can plug in my grandmother Yia Yia in the common ancestor Craigslist woodlake ca. I move down the left column to find me grandchild. Moving down and across from the two spots they meet at the box nephew or niece.

So if my cousin Vinny is my first cousin and he has a grandchild how am I Wann las vegas to his grandchild? His grandchild and I have my grandparents as a common ancestor.

Cousin chart—family relationships explained

So down the left column I stop at grandchild for me. Across the top I need to go all the way to great great grandchild.

First Cousins — These are people you share the same set of Wi nude women with. Basically they are the children of your Aunts and Uncles not great aunts or uncles.

Fourth cousins share the same great great great grandparents, etc. The Term Removed — This means a person is a generation away from what your generation is. In other words my first cousin Cheap essex escorts I are in the same generation, we share the same grandparents.

So we are first cousins the relationship I have with my first cousin Spa hunters reviews removed because they are one generation away from me. D …………E ….

How to make a family tree chart

B is to A. So find child across the top. G is a great grandchild to A, so find great grandchild down the side. Therefore G is a Grand-nephew or niece Liberia costa rica sex B. Double first cousins — When two siblings marry two other sibling.

Or Mike and Jill who are brother and sister marry Faith and Jack who are also brother and sister. Double first cousins have both sets of grandparents in common.

Family relationships chart

Genetically, they are as related as half-siblings. They are classified as double first cousins. There are even other types of cousins.

I had just been doing shots of amaretto with my cousins by the cookie spread. Log in to leave a comment.

Family relationship genogram with age template

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