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Age: I am 18
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The licorice flavor is tempered very nicely by the candy outside, which makes the flavor much more interesting than something along the lines of licorice jelly beans. I could eat a pound of it in Side effects of making out sitting. Welcome, fellow licorice lover! I bought a bag like the one pictured on the Penn Turnpike back in June … they were fresh and soft, I finished them within miles. The ones in the box are more often than not stale. Eating a whole box involves a lot of chewing though.

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Big Love. A word of caution to those considering opening up a monogamous relationship Ladies wants hot sex Hernshaw met my best friend Kyla almost a decade ago and, at the time, she was the only polyamorous person I had ever met. I was five years into a struggling, fairly one-sided relationship and I had a […].

Big Bodies. How do you love an imperfect body?

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Days writing about it. Weeks, months even, thinking about it.

A decade immersed in the idea that there is no wrong way to have a body, that fat bodies are good bodies, that my fat […]. Big BodiesBig Love. I think a lot about what it is to feel free. On line dating sites drifting slowly through soft pink sunlit clouds.

No tension in the thick muscles of my neck and shoulders. My spine elongated, my limbs extended and my fingers outstretched.

I […]. In this series I will be highlighting other fat, non-monogamous people who are finding the best ways to navigate their lives in their big bodies and with their big hearts.

Meet Myles. As with any subculture that exists in opposition to the mainstream, polyamory is rife with gatekeepers and purists who insist there is only One Right Way to be poly. He […].

Good & plenty

I was in third grade when I first realized I was fat. So why choose polyamory, when monogamy is the norm? In May of this year my long-term girlfriend broke up with me. February 25, No Comments.

Good & plenty

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