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Do you prefer to stay at home all the time? Quite often, you tend to get labeled as boring or anti-social. However, people have reasons for their actions.

About me

Meeting cool, new people is always great. It can be almost painful for me to be among swarms of people and not know anyone. I have to force myself to approach groups of people and initiate conversation. Many of my friends and family have an innate ability to socialize with anyone.

It is just not natural for me.

I prefer more Male erotic massages social settings. I think one-on-one interactions are far more fulfilling. And honestly, surrounded by masses of people with no space to breathe is when I feel loneliest. Lost, even. Starting university was a stressful time in my life.

1. most of your best days are spent alone.

Orientation week was probably my least favorite part of it all. The transition was already challenging and I know orientation Sex dating in Odessa built to welcome students, introduce them to campus, and provoke friendships, but it was added stress for me.

I was remarkably overwhelmed by all the events happening. It should have been fun. The quad had an inflatable bounce house. There was free food and free shirts and music.

Macon craigslist pets were mingling at every corner. It seemed person home their circles of friends so quickly and I was still feeling lost. Rationally, I knew almost everyone has this experience of uncertainty and insecurity. Emotionally, I felt alone in my disconnect. I do like the occasional fun night out at a movie or a concert. I also kind of think that the infrequency with which I go out maintains the specialness of the experience. I need human interaction and body activity. I love theme parks and cool museums and lakes.

I love to ski and to hike and to explore. And I like to do these things with people, I do. I also like being by myself a healthy amount of time.

I prefer home-cooked food to going out to a restaurant and I prefer watching a movie bundled in blankets in bed over going to a theater. Once I accepted that about myself, I found myself feeling a lot more comfortable at school.

I started Best online black dating sites less and having more fun.

It was unhealthy to think less of myself because I prioritize my sleep or because I love a good Netflix binge-watching session above a wild party. And now I take advantage of the events that do sound interesting to me on campus.

Because I do things for Love bird talking, and not anyone else. What I will say is to embrace it.

Have dorm room dance parties. Take naps.

Read on the quad. Take a walk.

Work out. Go on adventures with just one or two friends. Go on adventures alone.

Sing in the shower. I am my own best friend.

It simply means I have to love myself in order to allow others to love me. So, yeah, I love Saturday nights at home in my pajamas, chowing down on cookie batter and re-binging on Smallville or One Tree Hill. Those are some of the best nights. Love Stories Work and Money Travel.

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Here’s why i’m totally proud to be a homebody

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Stay-at-home person or homebody

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Never have been, never will be. For a long time, I thought that was a problem.

I'm in love with hoarding, and I'm never going to stop. I grew up proud of sounding completely white. The attraction secret finally here: The perfect strategy for shutting down mansplaining.

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