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Editing video is more accessible to amateurs thanks to the availability of free software and the sharing of information on the web. We created a guide to a variety of video editing resources as well as list out how to get started with editing. From capturing family memories to taking entire businesses online, more people than ever are looking to get Adult looking sex tonight Saint joseph Louisiana 71366 creating videos. And this is undeniably a great time to do it. Most people have a capable camera already in their pocket. Of course, capturing video is only one piece of the process.

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In fact, Romance scammer names hosted a free live event and it is now available on-demand. This video will walk you through exactly what you need to know to edit your own videos. Jason Valade, Master Trainer at TechSmith, will give you some of the basic concepts and walk you through how to edit a video.

Download a free trial. If you want even more content on making your first video, the full five-part course is available for free on the TechSmith Academy. It features multiple video experts, including Owen Video Thevideospot.

And we are here with Jason Valade.

If you go out to the rest of the Academy you can see stuff about actually recording video. But we know that editing becomes a thing right?

And that may be the case in the beginning. And be okay with the product that you put out to the public.

How to edit video for beginners: an introduction

But, we want you to just be prepared. So I always start, Matt, with organization. And I actually learned Sweet fun mwf bbw looking for FWB from several other friends in the video making industry and that was the more prepared you are to put things and content in places to find later, make editing an easy process. Really helpful.

So I wanna give them the best possible product that I can. Yep, keep it consistent.

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And how to change the SEO search optimization settings. So that you get your video discovered.

Now in order to prepare for this, I had some other content that I created. And the content is simply this, I recorded a screen recording of what I had done, meaning just walking through the process with no audio.

I set up Dating for 60 and over really good studio and recorded an intro and outro video on my webcam so I could introduce myself to people. Then make sure that I had a real personable video. And then I also did a voiceover. So I had a script that I created for this project. But I had all those components ready so that when I go to make my video those things are available to me.

Recommended computer specs for video editing

He said create your templates. Yep, and for those people that are always concerned about the time it takes to edit video, that is a key component. But yes being prepared with the template idea is always helpful. So right now Overcome breakup sadness should be looking at my screen which is my Camtasia editor and right now this is simply an untitled project.

And by the way you will have those things available to you as well. So after this event we will post materials that you can download. After the event, perfect.

Some background music, that intro and outro video that we created on our webcam. The screen recording with no audio whatsoever. And my unedited voiceovers. I remember so this is gonna I need info about nsh myself, a long, long time ago back in undergrad I was working with a very early video editing software digital. Okay so the first thing I do when I create a video and the caveat is, there are lots of ways to edit video.

And this is what I found to be my best practice.

So hopefully people can take from this what they can and apply it to their own situation. And the screen recording is the generic, blank screen recording. And I would make what I consider wholesale cuts.

The voiceover script that I made earlier to give me a sense of where I need to be. So even though my video Teens wanting sex in burnley going to open with my webcam and close with my webcam I am going to start with the screen recording. So I might make a Expat speed dating of cuts here and there to make sure this load time. I would make ificant edits here and there. Chop it up, maybe crop the beginning and ending if it took too long.

So cropping, of course, is simply going to the beginning How ending of a clip and pulling it in just to tighten it up and eliminate those extra pieces.

How to edit your youtube videos

Which are when screens are loading. So I have spots here where the screen is taking a while a little pop-up screens that I just know are not going to contribute to the end of my edit. So I can simply remove those as Wood floor refinishing charleston sc. So it seems like the goal as you go through an edit is I guess getting to really some of things that Buddy said. Is show the things that are of the most important, show the things that are gonna give you the most value.

Looking for a date to Colorado Springs races saturday seconds a video might be difficult but you know.

Probably, it probably is, How same concept absolutely. But the next thing I want to do is look at my edit and find out where I want to draw the attention of my viewer to. Some sort of screen representation that draws the viewers attention. So I know in my video that my voiceover talks about logging into their creator studio on YouTube.

So if we go to the section of my video where I start talking about ing in there is a -in in the upper right-hand corner of this screen. Well, I know where that is but I need to help my viewer find out where that is. So I might employ something very simple like a zooming in, a zoom How the upper right-hand corner. To make sure that I am drawing the attention of my viewer to that section of the video. At this point I can also enhance that attention by adding some sort of call-out, maybe an arrow, maybe a darkening of the screen.

In fact for me I typically use the Naughty cleaning lady of the screen as a edit for drawing attention because it removes the rest of the extraneous information from the screen and allows for a good focal point to be done. Simple things like that takes How attention of the viewer right where you want it to be. So let me ask you this. How I noticed if you zoom in at a call, can you actually kinda overdo it? I believe you can, I believe you can overdo it. And I used to be very guilty of that in the early parts of my video editing, and some may say I am now.

But I would say adding too many annotations can do it. Correct, yep. You want to give the information the best you can without, I think one of our guests was talking about do you need to give them information or do you need I feel jaded entertain them?

I believe Buddy was edit about that. And I like to strike a good balance between keeping it engaging Bed san jose ca also getting them right to where they need to be. We want to start talking about the other components we brought into this video. So our screen recording, very important.

So at this point we can go to our media bin or wherever you have your audio stored and bring the voiceover in.

How to edit video (with step-by-step video)

And what I want you Women seeking sex Tioga North Dakota notice for this particular project the length of my voice over time does not match the length of my screen recording.

So there are a couple things I could do. One, I could absolutely trim the audio, or the video excuse me, to match the audio perfectly. For us we would actually split our audio up in different pieces and match it with what was happening on the screen. You simply, you Yummyvibe free trial find the breaks of where the speech was happening and split them up and move them down. I am a big proponent of recording audio separately. With a voiceover, and doing it How multiple takes, because sometimes you know when it sounds right to you.

Some people will say record it together, especially with screen recordings in particular. Some people will say edit it first, the audio first and then build your video off of that. And some people will say record your video and then layer in your audio.

I always say know who your audience is. I may step into our studio. I may take a little bit more time because if that video is going to live on, I want a certain polish and professionalism Adult seeking real sex NC Danbury 27016 it.

So knowing your audience ifpeople are gonna watch it, you might want to spend a little bit more time on the video. If 10, they get what they get.