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How to go from best friends to dating in sims freeplay


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I have two sims and if want them to end up having a baby, but the have to be MORE than best friends Help please!! Please be as detailed as you can when making an answer. Answers that are too short or not descriptive are usually rejected.

Please do not use this box to ask a questionit will be rejected - this box is for answers ONLY. If you want to ask Naughty housewives looking sex tonight Hervey Bay question for this game, please use the ask a question box which is above on the right. Accept submission terms View Terms. You get past the friend stage well, the best friend stage, you just continue to do what the game offers.

You just like be funny and be nice until finally it allows you to continue in a romantic relationship and have babies and such. You were not sappous to be best friends you must be good friends and best you will have a goal to get the, married at level six and at level 8 you can buy a crib and have a baby.

Why can't I get out of the best Friend is zone I'm on level six and keep being nice but it won't go past best friends. You have to unlock the marriage Quest Michael dating pam mom says to show in rich lather.

What is show in lather because I got the marriage Quest and I don't know what that means and it not go going past best friend and am on level 8. I canet get my Sims to be romantic there Bar wonet go up when I try to make them be nice or funny it goes down when I tell them Wife wants casual sex PA Charleroi 15022 do that.

My Sims won't get past best friends. Be romantic to each other to form Naughtymeetings com review budding romance. Keep doing that from you have the choice to propose marriage I Think Then buy a crib from the Children sim and press it. Then you should have the choice to get a baby. Hope this helps. Freeplay go to the furniture store and buy the Romantic dates for her maker and it will alow you to use the romantic button. U have to get another aims add three into one home if your on level six then press romance on one How them and they going to start falling in love.

I have done every thing; I have made them both have a 15 minute shower, I have been rude and complained that just took me back down to good friendsI have dating a coffee maker, but when I click on "be romantic" it just says you can unlock Love Is In The Air on level 7, I'm level eight! Get where theres a lil gap friend left in best friends and then take a rich lather shower then you can flirt. You have to have a 15 minute shower then you click the romantic button then it works it worked for me. In Sims Free Play you have to complain and be rude in order to get out the best friends stage.

In reality real best friends aren't always nice to each other. Could you please e-mail back any tell me how to get my only toddler changed to a teenager, without costing me money, I have plenty of LP ' s and SP ' s but money sometimes isn't there when you need it. I need to change Kevin into a teenager quick before the time runs out on your goal. I need a e- mail from you telling me how to,turn a toddler into a teenager,so that I can fulfill any Goals requested by Teenagers. Ty Laurelee. I am in the bestfriend zone right now I have a boy sim and a girl sim I want them to have kids, so I tried what you guys said be rude Sexy fit dude for sidework the Bar for best friends is moving up I think that the two Sims are tired of being nice to one another so by being rude they could learn to like the sim in a rude way.

If you still are stuck in the bestfriend zone try being rude to your SIM, the one you want to have kids with, I hope that answers all your questions. When I do the rude a complain thing with my SimsIt fills up but when it goes back to good friends and when I fill up the BarCall girl bp goes back to best friends and when I fill THAT bar up, it goes back to good friends so I want to know why I can't date my sims.

How do you get romantic??????

How do you start it? And my 2 sims are good friends. Okay so, if you want your two Sims to be in a 'Budding Relationship' for part of the Quest Blogger speed dating you are stuck in the Best Friend zone, you have to be rude to the other sim and you HAVE to go back to good friends.

When you are to the Good Friends zone, you Be Romantic to each other. When you do so, the meter should be pink.

Then you keep being romantic to each other to go to the Budding Relationship zone. Hope this answer worked. What I have found is that you MUST go through it I have looked through a bunch of websites looking for the same answer they will eventually become romantic once at lvl 7 when you get the Quest it sucks but it must be done if a one has Cheats for it I How to beat dating ariane like to know as well.

Sorry Discrete lake fun 46 Modena 46 was not much help but hey at least they can have. I don't know own how to get passed I tried everything I looked it up on Google and I looked it up on YouTube but still nothing I don't know own what to do I need help. Found the answer. To pass best friends you gotta be in Love in the Air Quest then being romantic will increase your relationship.

Please rate or comment my answer. I promise you this. All of the answer is correct, except for the sequence. Its that simple.

Yes, you have to rich lather shower or quick rinse, BUT it's in the Love is in the air quest. You can't just do that when you still have an unfinished quest.

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It just doesn't work like that. Simple as that. I start playing this game yesterday and I'm unto marriage now. Really it's that simple. Get the 2 Sims together. And complain until the level is complete. To pass the bestfriend level you have to completewell first go to the Goals or something like that, like the Activities I think you are suppose to do and then do them because that will help you pass the bestfriend level well not help you Horny nude females in Wittensville Kentucky pass so just keep doing the Quest and that it.

There's really nothing to it but that. Get Sims free play Cheats app. I would say to definately try your hardest of the bieng funny.

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To pass the stage best friend is you need Tallahassee Florida only 4 bbw complain and be rude that I did I was stuck to then I realized that I never used complain or be rude,try that my best answer. You have to make them complane to eachother.

I was wondering that to when I acendently hit the complane buttion and it actuly made them become better friends. Now I ame mooving them on to dateing.

The sims freeplay

But once you get to good friend stage you can make them be nice to eachother. Ok, for those of you who want you Sims to conplete being "best friends" you have to conplete the "Bread Winners" Questthen the "Money Tree" one. Once done with both of those you will begin the next romantic quest. It will ask you to be romantic then you can get out of the best friend zone. Hope this helps Actually, I think that you just have to be rude and complain for a while and then right at the end of the box thing that fills up green is almost full, then be nice.

If you tried that and it didnt work then I don't know what to do So I suggest trying this, and if Horny girls in Dresden tx doesnt work, I am sorry. These answer are not working. I've tried the 5times be rude and 5 times complain. My Sims gets good friends to best friends back and forth and back and forth.

Nothing is happening. When I try to finish the Bread Winner thingy, it adds another one.

Jeez this is crazy. I don't know what else to do. Please provide a understable answer. To get out of the friend zone you have to be at around level 7 or higher. Then you will soon be out of the best friend zone because the best friend zone wants you to complain and be rude but at the end be nice. But if you mess up that is okay because then you will earn XP to help you go to level 7. Well the olny fastest way I know how to do it is To keepbeing nice to the other sim and I came here for the ansers not to make them. What I do is Married housewives want hot sex Kenosha keep both my Sims that I want to level up to being more then Best Friends, is I keep them in the same house and I keep having them say nice things and be funny till It levels up.

You have to finish the other Quest which is all Dating website discounts things you have to do Black dating manchester the first line and then the question will start. For more questions for The Sims FreePlay check out the question where you can search or ask your own question.

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