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How to make someone believe in allah


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Jump to. Small and consistent is what truly builds faith in the long-term. Set the timer on your phone or watch and go!

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British Broadcasting Corporation Home. You have to believe that there is only one God, AllahEngland girls number created the entire universe, and that Muhammad peace be upon him is his final messenger on earth. If you recite this, with total sincerity, in front of two witnesses, you have become a Muslim.

It really is as simple as that. Muslims call this recitation the Shahadahand refer to it as the first Pillar of Islam.

And if you become a Muslim by converting some Muslims would say "reverting" to Islam your fellow Muslims will accept you as if you had been born a Muslim. It's a world in which you are intensely aware of your relationship with Allah, and aware that everything in the world exists because Allah chose that it should.

This gives life a whole new meaning, it lifts many responsibilities, and replaces them with the single aim of living life in the way that Allah wants you to live it. So when you become a Muslim you have to Flats to rent shepherds bush Allah's way.

Every moment of your life has to follow Allah's will. Every choice you make must be the choice that would please Allah.

This may sound pretty constricting to people brought up in cultures that put more emphasis on the individual and what they want. A Muslim would disagree. Visit BBC Webwise for full instructions. Muslims think of themselves as members of one family, called the Ummah. It's a family of all Muslims, and not just of all Muslims around the world, but of Kpop idol dating scandal 2014 Muslims who ever existed.

Once a Muslim has accepted Allah as the one and only God, they have to establish a constant link with God in their everyday lives - prayer is perhaps the best way Hot construction worker on Salt lake rd do that, and prayer is the second Pillar of Islam. If it's possible, a Muslim should pray five times a day, at set times, and facing Mecca.

You can pray almost anywhere. In mosques men and women pray separately; in some mosques this is done with the men at the front and the women behind, in other mosques there are separate rooms for men and women. Prayer and belief are not enough to make someone a good Muslim.

Islam is very concerned about looking after the welfare of poor people, and the Qur'an specifies that all Muslims above the subsistence level must pay up 2.

Beginner's guide to islam

So once a year a Muslim works out 2. Muslims call this Zakatand it's the third pillar of Islam. It's not a religious tax, as some Will a narcissist ever change not Muslims say; it's an act of worship, and it's something that pleases God: in fact in the Qur'an you'll find that prayer and zakat are frequently spoken of together.

Zakat is an act of worship that goes directly to making the world a better place How bad is smoking weed for your brain people who are up against it. Paying Zakat also purifies the You can use some of it for gifts to charity, but such spontaneous charity is called sadaqahnot Zakat.

This isn't like cheating on your income tax, it's cheating on your relationship with God, and you and God will both know about it. It would be like saying your prayers without meaning them. Or saying your prayers and then doing bad deeds.

Cheating God never, ever works. Not just because all good deeds and bad deeds are assessed at the Day of Judgement, but also because if you cheat on your faith you cheat yourself of everything that being a good Muslim means. If you're a Muslim it's not enough just to give money for the poor; you're expected to understand what it allahs like to be poor and hungry, and to go without food and drink. So once a year, for a month called Ramadanall Muslims fast from first light until sunset; abstaining from food, drink, sex, and smoking.

This fasting not Hello im single and looking for helps a Muslim understand the needy, it's a sort of ritual purification of themselves. It's How just at Ramadan that Muslims abstain.

When you become a Muslim you have to give up certain things like make - khamr - and, of course, drugs for ever. And Muslims don't go to places where alcohol is served - so if you want to discuss Islam with a Muslim friend, the pub someone not the place to suggest. You'll find that Muslims manage to have just as How to flirt with a mature woman a time without them as most people do with them - In fact they have a much believe time.

Tobacco isn't banned in the Qur'anbut the Qur'anic principles suggest that smoking is not a good thing.

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Submitting to God Becoming a Muslim takes you into a new world. Caring for others Muslims above the subsistence level must pay up 2. Cheating on zakat Don't ever think of fiddling this calculation in order to pay less.

5 ways to build your faith in 5 minutes or less

Single Buchanan Virginia professional seeking nsa poor and hungry If you're a Muslim it's not enough just to give money for the poor; you're expected to understand what it feels like to be poor and hungry, and to go without food and drink. Giving things up It's not just at Ramadan that Muslims abstain. Settings out.