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An ordinary man sees a bright light descend from the sky, and discovers he now has super-intelligence and telekinesis. Bob Niedorf : All right, I'll start the questions, and I'll be timing your responses, and we'll be recording. Any questions?

George Malley : What's your first name? Bob Niedorf : Uh, my first name is Bob. George Malley : Shoot, Bob. Bob Niedorf : Right. Name as many mammals as you Erotic asian babe in 60 seconds. George Malley : Hmm. Well, how would you like that? How about alphabetical? Aardvark, baboon, caribou, dolphin, eohippus, fox, gorilla, hyena, ibex, jackal, kangaroo, lion, marmoset, Newfoundland, ocelot, panda, rat, sloth, tiger, unicorn, varmint, whale, yak, zebra.

Now "varmint" is a stretch; so is "Newfoundland" that's a dog breed ; "unicorn" is mythical; "eohippus" is prehistoric. But you weren't being very specific, now, were you, Bob? Bob Niedorf : [pauses, then stops watch and laughs] Well!

Ahh, Massage anaheim hills, uh - I'll try to be more specific. You ready for the next one? George Malley : Shoot. Bob Niedorf : Answer as quickly as you can George Malley : Man or a woman? Bob Niedorf : [stops stopwatch and pauses] Why? George Malley : Specifics, Bob. Bob Niedorf : Okay, one more time.

How old is a MAN born in ? George Malley : Still alive? Bob Niedorf : [stops watch, pauses, nods] If a man is born inand he's still alive, how old is he? George Malley : What month? Beautiful housewives wants sex Oak Brook Niedorf : [stops stopwatch] If a man was born October 3rd,and he's still alive, how old is he?

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George Malley : What time? Bob Niedorf : [stops stopwatch] 10 o'clock George Malley : Where? Bob Niedorf : [stops stopwatch; now impatient] Anywhere! George Horny women in quakertownpa : Well, let's get specific, Bob!

I mean, if the guy's still alive, born in California, October 3rd,10 PM, he's 67 years, 9 months, 22 days, 14 hours, and George Malley If he was born in New York, he's 3 hours older, now isn't he? In. Play clip Phenomenon: 15th Anniversary Edition. Drama Fantasy Romance.

Director Jon Turteltaub. Gerald Lake City nude women Pego. Top credits Director Jon Turteltaub. Clip Photos Top cast Edit. Robert Duvall Doc as Doc. Richard Kiley Dr. Wellin as Dr. David Gallagher Al as Al. Ashley Buccille Glory as Glory.

Tony Genaro Tito as Tito.

Sean O'Bryan Banes as Banes. Michael Milhoan Jimmy as Jimmy.

Troy Evans Roger as Roger. Bruce A. Brent Spiner Dr. Bob as Dr. Elisabeth Nunziato Ella as Ella. Ellen Geer Bonnie Natashaclub /ukraine/online dating Bonnie. Jon Turteltaub. More like this.

Watch options. Storyline Edit.

John Travolta plays George Malley, who owns the local auto repair shop in a small California town. He pauses to watch a strange light in the sky, then collapses for Naughty girls Candiac few seconds in the middle of the deserted street.

In the days and weeks that follow, George finds his Satisfy your wife and consciousness expanding dramatically, and develops telekinetic abilities. Despite his attempts to explain what has happened to him, with just a very few exceptions, most of the local townspeople treat the "new" George as a freak.

His state of isolation becomes even more pronounced when his new-found abilities allow him to correctly predict an earthquake, and outside authorities become interested in what's happened to him. Some things in life just can't be explained.


Drama Fantasy Romance Sci-Fi. Rated PG for language and mild sensuality. Did you know Edit. Trivia Assuming the man in Dr. Bob Niedorf's Brent Spiner's question is from California, then the question is answered at p.

Goofs Early in the film, George talks to the two children who are in their mother's pick-up truck parked on the street, with the boy sitting in the driver's seat pretending he's driving. George asks the boy to "Pop the hood", which is followed by the sound of the hood latch being released as though the boy did indeed release the hood from the driver's position.

This is impossible, as vehicles of that pick-up truck's vintage late '50's did not have hood releases located inside the vehicle. Instead, the Best escorts in delhi release lever was activated by reaching through the grill on the front of the vehicle.

Quotes Dr. Soundtracks Love Child Written by R. Dean Taylor as R. TaylorFrank Wilson as F. WilsonPam Sawyer as P.