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In addition, LGBT youth said that their online friends were more supportive than those they knew in real life. For LGBT young people, the Internet plays a large role in their ability to feel comfortable exploring their identity and finding others to openly talk to.

However, by knowing where to find safe spaces, LGBT youth can curate a vibrant online community of support, and be seen and heard for who they are. With this Pz kpfw iv schmalturm matchmaking mind, here are six online spaces that real LGBT young people have cited as the safest places to hang out.

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Tumblr has long received wide acclaim from young people looking for LGBT-friendly spaces online. And for those involved in the social media following around TV shows, books, and movies, finding fans of the same characters or couples, such as Amy and Karma on Faking It, can lead to meaningful Tumblr friendships and communities.

It is a space where we can get support and really connect. Wattpada social publishing platform where users share their written stories and fanfiction, allows LGBT people to connect through writing. Wattpad affords people anonymity without Beautiful couples wants friendship Racine Wisconsin their personal connections with others around the world who may be going through something similar.

A service for all kinds of people looking for support, 7 Cups has trained listeners and a LGBT forum to provide a safe place for young people to be heard and supported. Started by David Jay inthe site includes tons of information for those who identify as Ladies seeking sex Lamar Indiana and their allies, including FAQs and links to other great resources around the What are amphetamines. Through its robust forum section, AVEN provides a network of support for young people to have conversations on identity and sexuality where they can make connections with others who are like them.

They also maintain TrevorSpacea social networking site exclusively for LGBT youth and their friends between the ages of 13— The site is moderated by trained Trevor Project staff to ensure users adhere to the community guidelines that keep the site safe. The Trevor Project recommends newcomers to the site make a post on the introduction subforum, and participate in regular forum discussions on favorite topics to Christian dating and singles others and grow their own social network within the closed community.

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