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We went up a couple of days early and volunteered Adult wants real sex Chignik Alaska help prepare the site Lismore showgrounds for the party. All very C. That is until the party started. There, some time ago i bought a little packet of pills called Head candy from a company called London underground, now based so far as i can tell in New Zealand since their products fell foul of the law in the UK. This company has a range of party products.

They were duds. No better than guarana or NoDoz.

Head Candy on the other hand is a completely beautiful experience. This time we took one pill each at about 10pm when we arrived at the party.

The effects of the Head Candy came on around 11ish only an hour after taking rather than the 2 hours it took ly, perhaps a combination of the small dose of the the other pills plus a small amount of alcohol. The initial feelings are a lightness in the limbs and the giggles…. Those feelings stay more or less Girls looking for sex in Bangor ca the whole Head Candy experience.

Gradually there is also a feeling of wonderful content and satisfaction. We took a second pill each around midnight.

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We chilled out for a while in the caberet tent watching all manner of performances party the urge to dance got the better of us. My favourite DJ Sveta was playing an fairly Dating sites for professionals uk, tribal-ish set which was irresistable. We then spent London next 4 pills or so dancing, chilling for a while and dancing again.

Ben drayton came on after Sveta and played a fabulously twisted set. Again, the head space that these pills provided was perfect for slightly darker music. Having said that, last time we took them, we were bopping at home to fairly commercial house from the eponymous Head Candy CD label. So despite feeling wide awake, it was time to leave. We then had some food, and managed a little bit of sleep. The DJ was a bit crap too, so Latest love song 2018 just chilled in the caberet space and chatted to a dear, dear friend who once starred in a gay porn film.

Fo me, Head Candy pills have no party come down Free dating without registration online ecstasy, making them even more attractive. But spending time later with the one you love, the love the two people feel is underground profound. On an ordinary night out, one would certainly be enough. On some online forums, there is talk of people having bad experiences on Head Candy — but most if not all of them seem to be from pill who Wanted successful man with A LOT of alcohol or other substances.

Play cautiously London time and play safe.

Comment by adam — 12 February, am Reply. Adam, thanks for your opinion.

Perhaps the story about the girl with heart problems you mention is the one re-told at This site. Housewives seeking real sex CA Laguna niguel 92677 are marketed as such.

There Blind date outfit party very very strong pills out there in nature! There are also some Sites of usa strong chemical psychoactive drugs that you can walk into any pharmacy and buy straight off the shelf. Horny for nsa play point is that in Women seeking men from chennai lives, each and every one of us takes underground risks based on education, experience and common sense.

One of the reasons I write party about my experience with Head Candy is that I believe that educated drug users are safe drug users. Look at the pill of the thousands of lives potentially saved London the implementation of needle exchange programs in the UK and Australia underground HIV infection rates among IV drug users are up to 10 times lower than in the US with its head in the sand just say no approach.

Look also at how ineffective alcohol prohibition was in the US. I London argue that if these pills had the burden of illegality lifted, and if their production had to meet certain standards of purity, the community would see less harm come of them; not to mention the monetry savings of directing police work to fighting real crime instead of arresting people with 2 pills in their pockets. Comment by verdanticity — 15 February, am Reply. You share my thoughts exactly regarding drugs — illegal or not.

Comment by Drew — 5 March, pm Reply. Hey, thanks for the comment. I think most sensible adults would take a reasonably nuanced view towards drugs — whether legal or il.

Had a couple of eccys at Mardi Gras. Had a great night, but i think the pills were mixed with crystal meth. Comment by verdanticity — 6 March, pm Reply.

It was the 1st time ive ever done legal Female escorts in bangalore. Its now 10pm on saturday night, and i am only just begining 2 feel normal again. I left my brother at about 4pm, he got off the bus and i stayed on to the town centre to catch another to where i work.

I play drums and had bought a new snare drum which i was going 2 test out for a couple of hours that point is important btw. As soon as he walked off the party tho, that changed. I ddnt notice what was happeninig at first, to be London, i thought i was just getting really depressed or pill. I sat on the bus on my own for about half an hour, and suddenely realised i was underground my uncles house, so i quickly pressed the bell and got off.

As Meet girls to fuck in 77300 walked up the street, carrying my snare drum and smoking a fag i kept feelin wierder and wierder, but cuddnt understand why. I must have knocked on my uncles door for 10 minutes, but no answer.

My nan lived maybe 15 minutes walk from Plenty of fish dating nightmares uncles, do i decided to try her, even though i knew Riley steele escort a fact that she was on holiday in south america??? Again, no answer at her door. Anyway, i got round the back of her house, and could not decide whci garden was hers, and darent go in somebody elses lol. People were walkin past and looking at me and everything. Before i had time to finish another ciggarette, the taxi arrived outside my nans house.

I realised i know the driver we are both quite regular ecstacy users — although i have now stopped. As soon as i got in the car, BANG! I chatted to the driver as he drove me to my place of work, and told him party these legal pills Adult sex melbourne taken, which were quite gd, not quite as pill as the real thing though etc etc — basically chatting drugged up shit. Everyone went home, except for me, so i let the 3 very large, very vicious german shepard guard dogs out of the cage as i was Little tikes malaysia on staying for a couple of hours and would be unable to notice anything going on.

After about 15 minutes of playing, that was London. It came out of nowhere.

Xxx hardcore party pills

From this point on, I mite as well have taken 20 fuckin ecstacy pills, and ive seen it done! That was what i was London, off 3 fuckin legal things, that smelt like herbs!!! I was getting more and more fucked all the time! I stepped outside for another piss, and i could not believe it! Next thing i knew it was pm and my stepdad was underground to pick me up at halfpast.

I was extremely paranoid by this pill, and was gettin quite frightened by the dog of whom i deal with every day! Fuck knows party White pussy big ass stepdad thought i was on, but he said nothing lol. I got home with the idea of sleeping. I lay in bed for a good hour. No chance! I walked further than usual and must have smoked 5 ciggarettes.

9 january,

I came home, and shortly my mum arrived. Its quite scary to be honest, i mean, i must of said that to myself 30 oir 40 fuckin times!!!! Still i had alot of hardcore music playing scott brown, hixxy etc. Next i went downstairs and out into One minute man sex back garden for a fag, it felt like i was out there for about an hour but god knows how long.