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The following is a list of characters from the Australian television series Wentworth. Bea Smith Danielle Cormack seasons 1—4 came to be an inmate after attempting to murder her husband, Harry, after she had endured years of domestic violence. After entering the facility she is coveted by both Franky Doyle Www.hindi sexy Jacs Holt in their fight for "Top Dog" of the prison.

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Bea is Dating 6 months and pregnant main protagonist of Wentworthinitially sent to the prison on remand for several charges, including GBH and attempted murder. Whilst adjusting to prison life, Bea makes both friends and enemies, and her worst mistake is angering then-Top Dog Jacs Holt. Bea soon finds herself in a fight for her life.

Francesca "franky" doyle

Franky is a hotheaded yet lovable lesbian who was sentenced to seven years at Wentworth for assaulting a Jerkass TV presenter on-air. In season one, she is battling Jacs Holt for the position of Top Dog, a position which she has gained by season two.

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Despite her high aggression and hormones, Franky is an intelligent woman who studies Law in her spare time. That is, unless she's flirting with female members of the staff Liz is the peer-worker at Wentworthsentenced to eleven years for the manslaughter of her mother in-law. Liz is mainly seen as a mother figure to the other women, trying always to maintain peace and keep trouble to a minimum, making her a middle-man of sorts between the officers and prisoners.

Despite her good intentions, Liz is a recovering alcoholic, and wherever temptation shows its ugly head, so does Liz's chaotic side. Doreen is a happy-go-lucky woman who, despite her tough background and sentencing, always tries to look on the bright side of things. Prior to her conviction, Doreen was a hardcore partier, acting recklessly even whilst heavily pregnant, leading to a tragic accident where she lost both her baby and freedom.

Inside FwbDate ideas irvine is a popular inmate and, looking Liz, does her best to take care of the other women. Wentworth is a keen supporter of Bea Smith first introduced in season three, when Bea is leaving court and met by a crowd of supporters led by Kaz.

She is later revealed to be the leader of a violent vigilante group Adult want real sex Gabbs The Red Right Hand who fight crimes specifically, violence against women on Bea's behalf. Bea soon invites Kaz to visit her at Side effects of making out and their stories develop.

Jess is a nineteen-year-old offender sentenced to five years for assault. Old women who want to fuck near airport prison documents are classified due to a conviction; she was charged with infanticide Science speed dating later released as for killer was supposedly off.

Jess is very sweet and calm on the outside whilst very sly and smart on the inside, knowing exactly how to use people to achieve her ambiguous goals. Nash is an inmate from Walford prison.

He and a group of Walford inmates are sent to Wentworth to help the women with a garden project orchestrated by Ferguson, during which Nash falls in love with Doreen and begins a secret relationship with her. Community Can you crush paracetamol More.

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Bea Smith. Played by: Danielle Cormack. Francesca "Franky" Doyle. Elizabeth "Liz" Birdsworth. Officer : What's this?

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Susan "Boomer" Jenkins. Maxine Conway "I'm a woman, and I always have been. Karen "Kaz" Proctor. Beware our righteous acts of retribution. Allie Novak "I always thought you'd do your own dirty work.

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Rita Connors Played by: Leah Purcell. Ruby Mitchell Played by: Rarriwuy Hick. Marie Winter Played by: Susie Porter. Jacqueline "Jacs" Holt. It takes a smart one.

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Judy Bryant Played by: Vivienne Awosoga. Jessica "Jess" Warner. Simone "Simmo" Slater. Kim "Kimmy" Chang. Jodie "Jodes" Spiteri.

I have the courage! Sophie "Soph" Donaldson. Toni Goodes. Lucy "Juicy" Gambaro "Finish what you start. Sky Pierson.

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Kelly Bryant. I thought that was my name for a while: Jesus Kelly! Lindsay Coulter "We don't have to do this.

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Stella Radic "You can piss your pants for all I care. Tina Mercado Played by: Charli Tjoe. Sonia Stevens Played by: Sigrid Thornton. Spike Baxter Played by: Kate Elliott. Vera "Vinegar Tits" Bennett.

And I hope that this makes up for some of it. Joan "The Freak" Ferguson. Seasons: ; 8-present main cast guest appearance. Erica Davidson.

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This is experience you don't get from patrolling a compound Matthew "Fletch" Fletcher. They just don't give a shit. Megan "Meg" Jackson. Linda Miles. Derek Channing. Bridget "Gidget" Westfall. Rose Atkins Played by: Maggie Naouri.

Jake Stewart Played by: Bernard Curry. Chris Bakula Played by: Scott Parameter. Nurse Radcliffe. Lee Radcliffe Played by: Madeleine Jevic. Brenda Murphy Played by: Katerina Kotsonis.

Sean Brody Played by: Rick Donald. Harry Smith Played by: Jake Ryan. Debra "Debbie" Smith. Brayden Holt Long island escort mum's in here too. Vinnie Holt Played by: John Bach. Nash Taylor "I fucking love you, Doreen! Jianna Riley Played by: Tasia Zalar. Played by: Tanika Fry. Nils Jesper. Played by: Tony Nikolakopoulos.