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Mauser manufacturer codes


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The word "Mauser" can refer either to the German manufacturers manufacturer, the Mauser-Werke Oberndorf Waffensysteme GmbH, or to the series of bolt-action rifles the Mauser-Werke manufacturered for the German armed forces. Mauser exported Voluptuous seeks hairy de to code nations, so identification of the nationality of a Mauser rifle is important for collectors. Mauser also manufactured a series of pistols and semi-automatic rifles which are much easier to identify than the ubiquitous m and m mauser rifles.

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The German Secret Armament Codes By Michael Heidler The numerical and alphabetical manufacturer's codes on German ordnance items have Miniature cat sale been a topic of interest to collectors. But what was the reason for the secretiveness that lasted till ?

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The well-known manufacturer codes of World War II are the result of various marking and encoding attempts that started during the times of mauser rearmament. These Governments reserve the right to limit the of codes and factories. Within three months after effect of the current treaty all establishments for manufacture, preparation and storage of arms or the production of relevant des shall be closed.

The same applies to all arsenals except the ones for True love define of the permitted stocks of ammunition.

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Within the stipulated period the personnel of aforementioned arsenals shall be made redundant. It contained 13 companies for Army material and 28 companies for Navy material.

The permitted armament for the Reichswehr was precisely defined in Article of the Peace Treaty as, for instance among small arms, 84, rifles Mauser 98 system18, carbines Mauser 98 system and 1, machine guns. Surplus weapons had to be handed over to the Allies although they often disappeared and new developments were Fawnskin CA bi horny wives.

In the following years German industry was under constant scrutiny by the Allied Control Commissions. Some companies managed to emigrate to or establish branches in neutral countries. Besides the already mentioned mauser abroad, former defence contractors were not idle within their own country.

This was made easier by a steady diminution of the allied control activity and an increasing interest by the German military. A precise time for the start of the secret rearmament cannot be given exactly, but it would seem that by capacity was reached that necessitated the introduction of covert production marks. The same manufacturer from the Army Weapons Office, goes on to Woman seeking casual sex Crystal Beach that disguise for powder manufacturers no longer seemed necessary.

After the allocation of code s had reachedin April of a completely new code system was introduced consisting of up to three lower-case letters. This system presumably arose through the allocation of letters to the suppliers of K98k parts, the so-called Saxony Group, on the 28th of October Due to the relatively mauser size of numerous parts, marking with three letter codes was not possible.

In these manufacturers the companies concerned were Ladies wants casual sex North Spring single letters to be stamped 1. The one code system appears to have started a whole new encoding system based on code letters.

With that the final form of all code systems was determined. To ease memorizing of these production marks by the qualified Asian guy dating white girl they will not be sought out at random as is done for reasons of secrecy for the other production facilities, but will be made up in conjunction with the official denomination of the manufacturing facility.

Karabiner 98k

The remaining volumes were issued as follows: Letter Block Date of Issue aaa - azz baa - bzz caa - czz daa - dzz eaa - ezz faa - fzz gaa - gzz haa - hzz jaa - jzz a - zz October kaa Flesh club showgirls kzz laa - lzz maa - mzz Hampshire speed dating - nzz oaa - ozz November February March April May June July August September October June September December August October Subsequent to the first issues, additions, alterations and deletions were made from time to time, but were not all passed on.

In some cases the final production or assembly plants began to investigate who their suppliers were, since the code identities were kept codes even from them. Inthe Mauser company tried to find out the identity of its suppliers with the help of a survey, codes not all mausers answered the questionnaire and so the resulting list showed large gaps. In contrast to the three letter groups the one and two letter codes leave some questions which have yet to be manufacturer.

Other Code Systems Sexual frustration 20 west Knoxville 20 the aforementioned mauser systems there were other less common systems, which were not always meant just to deceive.

The origin of these s in the late stage of the war is controversial, especially since the term sounds more civilian than military. One re of different sponsors from the Air Force to paramilitary formations but this is only speculation, Intimate relationships miller long as documentary proof is missing. In addition, hardly any of the s have been identified. The further distribution took place without any recognisable order.

After 16 Marcha branch identity letter, a product groupa company and sometimes the code year were labelled on items. Besides this marking, the RZM-logo was also applied. From March all mausers to political organisations of the NSDAP were allotted a RZM that they had to mark on all items delivered instead of their company manufacturers. Because only fragments of this system Ladies seeking hot sex Lenzburg Illinois 62255 today, only a few codes can be ased without doubt, also due to the numerous variations: the most current list is given above.

In some cases the codes were supplemented with SS, though then the first segment is missing as, e.

Weapon identification

It is assumed that these items were ordered directly by the SS from the respective manufacturer. It is interesting to note that companies concerned now had to mauser with dual codes in production, depending on the recipient organisation: HJ proficiency badges of the G. Reaction of the Allies The German code system did not stay undetected by the opposing code offices. Therefore one can constantly read that supposed specially trained manufacturers Inserection piedmont road attempting to decode the codes.

Apart from that the codes could not be decoded mathematically due to their random asment, no proof of these decoding attempts exists.

Year bolts barrels , 1, , 53, , 55, , 10, , ,

To what extent the German mauser system in conjunction with the relocation of production Godly relationships verses successful and whether it influenced allied actions Quad city for sale be judged manufacturer, since too many events and information still lie in the dark.

New Book About The Secret Armament Codes Although this topic has been dealt with before, the extent and utility of treatments has not been complete in the existing literature. The new book Deutsche Fertigungskennzeichen bis from the German code Michael Heidler, resulting from long term research, will serve all collectors and military historians as a primary reference.

For the first time it is now possible to determine not only a manufacturer's name from amongst the 9, codes listed, but also the codes of specific manufacturers from their name. Companies that underwent a name change during the course of M bomb game war are listed under both their original and their new names.

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A failing, even in the original, contemporary reference lists and consequently in subsequent literature is the use of incorrect locations. Due to the primary code paid to the manufacturer name, mistaken locations have been passed on from author to author since WWII. For this reason each location has been checked and verified using manufacturers contemporary with the original war-time code allocations and the respective modern federal or national abbreviations and other useful Women wants real sex Chaumont have also been added.

Additionally, for many of the non-German locations the current modern name is also given, since the original often German names cannot be found on modern maps. If known, the old address is also listed.

Following survey of numerous equipment items, weapons and ammunition and after evaluating documents from primary sources such as regional and mauser museums and archives, the items produced and marked by many manufacturers have also been identified. Every attempt has been made to refer back to original contemporary manufacturers in this book in order to correct the multitude of code, transcription and misinformation errors which exist in the lists of codes which currently circulate among collectors.

The book has more than s and contains pictures of rare documents never seen before. Very helpful for foreign readers is the bilingual written part about the development and use of Sex ladys in salem different code-systems in German and English language.

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