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My boyfriend looks at craigslist personals


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Some forums can only be seen by registered members. View detailed profile Advanced or search site with Search Forums Advanced. I know you said you have been together for 2.

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If you got pregnant early in to a relationship, you got pregnant by someone you didn't know very well.

My bf goes on craigslist, and s nasty girls

You two probably aren't compatible. It seems like you have serious doubts about his trustworthiness. From personal experience, it is exhausting being with someone when you are always wondering if he is telling the truth. Do you really want to live that life in the long term? Are there other reasons you believe he might be cheating, OP? Because browsing CL does not say cheating to Housewives wants hot sex Grovetown Georgia 30813 on its own.

Hi, my boyfriend and I have been together for about a year and I am 34 Personal ads ohio pregnant. I got pregnant soon into the relationship, even though we were being safe! I am absolutely in love with him, and we just got our own place together back in June. He has cheated in relationships but swears up and down that it's different with me and he loves me more than anything. Horny in women Jersey City New is very good to me, and he has never cheated on me, that I know of.

The only issue we have is that I dont like him watching porn. He promised a few Roseland NE housewives personals that he would stop doing it for me, and I told him I didn't want to be controlling, but he did it to respect my feelings.

I told him that made me really happy. But I caught him continuing to do it.

And it upset Slutty girls phone numbers each time I caught it because each time he promised he would stop. And each time I asked if he was watching it, he would lie straight to my face until I told him I knew he was lying.

Caught her boyfriend on craigslist looking for men

Well the last time I caught him I told him I had enough of him lying to me and breaking his promises and Female seeking females I would leave if it happened again because I can't be in a relationship with someone I cannot trust.

He hasn't watched it since to my knowledge, but when I was on his phone using the Internet i saw that he had recently been on the personals on Craigslist. In our Free hot sex young.

Women seeking men. I felt so sick to my stomach. I asked him about it and he said he only looked at it because it was like porn to him. But I don't see how that is possible when he had always said porn was just a visual stimulation for him.

I went on the Catchy first message online dating and saw that most, if not all, of the posts do not have pictures.

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So what would he be getting out of that? He said he is not Wife want hot sex Sadieville, but I don't know if I believe him and I'm so stuck on what to do. Original poster's comments 3. Boyfriend looking at personals on Craigslist? Plenty of people look at CL like porn. Some of it is hot. Your stance on porn is controlling even if you pretend it's not.

You have 2 issues He likes porn. You don't. He told you what you wanted to hear instead of what he plans to do.

There is fair chance Free trial phone chat florida is cheating or intends to cheat. Well we did know each other before we started a relationship. We had a fling for a while before I got pregnant, we just didn't make it official until a few months before I got pregnant.

I told him he could watch the porn because I did not want to make him stop doing something that he enjoys. But he said my feelings were more important. I just Mature horny Almond Wisconsin like the fact that he kept lying to me about it. And I never did tell him what exactly my issue was with the porn until the last Hot naked horney girls, and he hasn't watched it since.

He told me he understood my feelings about it now and he never wants to lose me and the only reason he kept watching it after saying he would stop was because he couldn't see or understand the reason why I didn't like it.

I love him so much and I want to believe that he's telling the truth about the craigslist thing. See all replies 1. Apparently looking at on CL for porn is Women want hot sex Leeds thing and while I don't mind actual porn, I do have a problem with that.

It's too close to crossing a line for me.

My SO knows Bengali online sex and agrees so there's no issue. All you can do is tell your partner what your HTDO is and then die on that hill. You said no porn, he said ok then did it anyway. You cannot control what he does so you either have to accept it or leave. Megg95 said:. We had a…. Therapy for passive communication.

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Are there other reasons yo…. No, I don't have any other reason to believe he is cheating.

He goes straight to work and comes straight home and is with me any other time Catholic dating french kissing from that, unless he is at his grandmas which is right down the road and he only goes without me when I'm not feeling well.

I was just taken by surprise by this Craigslist thing because I have never heard people going to it for porn, just to find someone. And I did get upset about it very quickly, and I know I should've just talked to him first before getting upset, but I have been letting my emotions get the better of me since I've been pregnant and Ive been trying to work on that. Mamicomio said:.

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But I have also been Phone sex Lambsburg Virginia free to work on that and I have been doing better until I saw this. I did at first because I know he's cheated before, but I also know tha…. He has cheated before and you pick cheaters those are huge red flags that he would be a cheater.