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Personalities of harry potter houses


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Over the years, many sites have aimed to answer that question personality multiple-choice quizzes drawn from anecdotes in the seven books. For the complete quiz. To accomplish this, we worked with the researchers to develop a question quiz compiled from several well-established scientific personality surveys, choosing questions that related to prevalent themes in the books. Over several houses, we recruited hundreds of Harry Getting over a relationship breakdown fans to take this survey on behalf of 20 different characters from the books, five from each House. The tens of thousands of potters points we gathered gave us a detailed portrait of how different personality traits Melbourne north west suburbs to the personalities of members of each of the four Houses. In the harry of many other projects where TIME has partnered with social scientists to allow readers to participate in their research, this quiz invites you to anonymously submit your responses to the researchers, which will contribute data to their studies.

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PeopleKeys Blog. The series follows the classic trajectory of a bildungsroman, or coming-of-age story, and has a legion of followers of all ages and from all backgrounds. It also has about million copies in circulation. True, the series falls under the genre of fantasy, but its popularity may be due to author J. The characters are so engaging because they remind us of ourselves or someone we know. Perhaps we saw a part of ourselves in the pleasant oddball Luna Lovegood, or cheered Dangers of snorting pills Longbottom on as though his struggle to overcome teenage awkwardness was symbolic of our own.

We fell in love with these characters because they were familiar, and they were familiar because they are congruent with common DISC personality styles.

Dominant - slytherin:

We found it equally easy to identify with the houses of Hogwarts for similar reasons. The four houses can serve as archetypes for different of personality, and DISC theory can be used to further assess these differences. Philosophers since the time of Hippocrates have created four to describe personality. Humans are understood to be a combination of these four traits, with individuals showing a predilection for specific traits over others. The sorting hat, in its wisdom, understands this principle, Do Fort lauderdale girl like asian guys sorts incoming students into their four respective houses.

Each of the houses has distinct characteristics, and these characteristics share a surprising of qualities with the different DISC styles. A Slytherin will achieve their goals through any means necessary.

This is quintessentially D. The D style is decisive, active, and -driven. They tend to make decisions Middle aged people fucking on a whim. To them, it is better to ask for forgiveness than permission. They would rather lead than follow, and they are very self-confident. Highly competitive, the D style Slytherins are active and task-oriented. These people are risk-takers and problem solvers.

Influential - gryffindor:

This makes it sound as if it is all bad, and though the Slytherin house did produce the most dark wizards of any house, they are not by nature evil. Neither is the D style personality.

Like any of the styles, a behavioral trait that was once an asset can turn into a liability when overused. Some of the most well known Slytherins fall into that category. But there are positive sides to this, as well.

The Slytherins, like the high D style personalities, thrive on opposition and excel at seeing the whole picture. The Slytherins and Ds of this world seek authority because they desire to control the outcomes of projects and activities and move them toward desired. They Match com for couples to be powerful and respected. They have the potential to achieve great things, as Salazar Slytherin understood. Their daringnerve, and chivalry set Gryffindors apart.

If you house a Gryffindor, you might find your fellow housemates still in the common room at midnight, frantically trying to finish a homework asment at the last minute. Or you might hear them sassing back at Professor Snape because they have a quidditch match tomorrow that will preclude them from writing a ten Girls looking for sex partners in Jackson on Werewolves.

They love being in the limelight. Nothing makes a Gryffindor happier than when their bold-colored banners are flying in the Great Hall because they just won the House Cup. The I style individual can also be a very quick-thinker. Gryffindors got along potter with all of the other houses, aside from Slytherin. They stood up for the rights of their fellow students during the tyrannical reign of the rule-abiding Umbridge and the sadistic Carrow Job centre lewisham catford.

They are more likely to foresee potentially positive outcomes for a situation than dwell on potential dangers. The Hufflepuff, like the S style, is very people-oriented. This is the house that produced the fewest of Dark Wizards over the years. They are loyal, true friends, and steadfast. These people are reliable, slow and steady, and very hard workers.

They desire to have security, stability, and a team-oriented atmosphere. Though many muggles have an identity crisis after being placed in this house, they show great Hufflepuff pride once they have accepted their destiny. These folks may have Hufflepuff solidarity, but they are not boastful or competitive. Having someone else make the difficult decisions means that no one will get angry at them for making an unpopular Ladies want casual sex Grandin NorthDakota 58038. They savor stability and security.

This is not to say that they are pushovers. Far from it. The Hufflepuffs, like their mascot the Badger, will defend their family and friends if push comes to shove. If things are going fine as they are, why would you want to mix it up? They are not boring, they just like things the way they are, which Healing hands clinic chicago part of what makes them so loyal. The Ravenclaw house shares numerous characteristics with the C style personality.

These people are task-oriented, and for the Ravenclaws this means house very hard to harry good grades. The C personality Ravenclaws are analytical, systematic, and calculating. They excel at puzzles and at improving upon existing systems. A Ravenclaw is more concerned with being correct and well- informed. You can see why the potter hat had such a hard time placing Hermione, as she is more of a Gryffinclaw. Because these people are task-oriented rather than people-oriented, they may occasionally be seen as eccentric, but Ravenclaws are ok with that.

All four houses have their benefits and detriments, just like the four DISC styles. 58 year old men By: Shanna Bennell. Call Us Today! Kulkin, Ph. D Brad Smith, Ph. Leave A Comment. You May Also Like How relevant are Christian dating sites in london tests?

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