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Praying for each other


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Intercessory prayer is prayer for the needs of others. Praying for others is an unselfish expression of love. Why does God want us to pray for others? God wants us to think like He does, and praying for others helps us to think beyond ourselves Pattaya ladyboy photos to grow in compassion for others. God gives us instructions to pray for others in several places in the Bible. In the midst of His greatest trial, Jesus prayed fervently.

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In verseshaving spoken of his concern for them, Paul explains how Timothy had arrived with good news of their faith and love. This was not a complete surprise.

How to pray for each other

However, now he lives. What a relief!

Paul always found faith in others encouraging, especially in distress and persecution, so he was greatly cheered to know of their progress. We are all the same. One thing we can all do to help ourselves to pray better is to try and be better informed about one another.

God appreciates people who pray fervently for others facing trials. why does god command intercessory prayer, and how does he want us to pray for others?

We must pray for fellow believers whether we hear of them or not but, generally speaking, it is easier if we keep informed, one of the things this magazine seeks to do. Paul asks v. Why was he so thankful? He finds it difficult to see how he can be Naughty singles women thankful as he ought to be, so much joy have they Is drinking lean bad for you. It is usually the place to start when praying for believers.

How lonely without them!

What joy to Sex toys games that they also are saved. Are we giving thanks for them? Do our thanks equal the joy they give us by their Christian living? At the very least, we ought to be regularly thanking God for one another.

Paul constantly prayed for them. He says v. We should make specific requests to God. More importantly, we should often pray for fellowship. That is what Paul longs for with the Thessalonians. Give thanks for faith but recognise that no-one has perfect faith so we ask for growth and increase.

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Pray for one another and watch god do amazing things!

He prays not only for an increase in faith but also love. In particular pray that we may:.

Having spoken of faith and love one expects a reference to hope. That is not what follows but there is an emphasis on the future hope.


What Paul prays is v. We tend not to think of holiness as a matter of being strong in heart but Paul saw that it is often the issue.

More strong-heartedness would mean greater separation to God and more holy living. Pray that will increasingly be the case with all of us.

Then those we pray for will be among the holy believers who return with Christ when he comes. It is in the light of that event that we must always pray.

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Next in this series: Pleasing and obeying God: Sanctification ». In Cliche dating profile Thessalonians we see five helpful rules on how to pray for each other. Keep informed In verseshaving spoken of his concern for them, Paul explains how Timothy had arrived with good news of their faith and love. Give thanks Paul asks v. Request fellowship, opportunities and growth Paul constantly prayed for them.

Keep informed

Pray for each other — for opportunities of fellowship, the supply of what faith currently lacks. In particular pray that we may: Love each other more and more.

Brotherly love is a basic Christian trait but too often we are found wanting. Pray for a real increase in love to one another.

Have an increasing love for outsiders too. Love is to extend beyond us to all sorts of others.

Why should god let you into heaven?

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