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Pz kpfw iv schmalturm matchmaking


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Community Forum Software by IP. This topic is locked. Since the Pz IV Schmalturm is on sale for only gold, Top five free dating sites took the opportunity and bought it. This is my second premium tank the first one is the Churchill III.

The penatration of L70 is a Finger of God. When loaded with premium rounds, be happy, you'll become a troublemaker for the enemy. Speed is average The cons of this tank are slow turret traverse speed, slow traverse speed and a weak hull armor. Out of 3 battles, 2 of those are higher tiers.

Better match making for the pz iv schmalturm

You're lucky if you are placed in the lower tier battle for 3 times. When facing a higher tier opponent, you'll just take rounds before you'll Byron bay sex a wreck.

Please fix the matchmaking of this tank, but to be fair, also nerf its penatration a little bit. And please make use of the external armor too because its armor is somewhat useless.

Let me recommend the tactic,skills,perks and equipment to release the full potential of this tank Tactic - Sniper. Play it like a turreted TD, Always hide in big bushes. Move form one position to another if you think they spotted you. Equipments - Camuflage net, Binoculars, Coated Optics, Enhanced gun laying drive and Medium tank rammer Others - camo I tell you you will be undetected by the enemy from meters unless you fire Inside the online dating industry by sniperwarfare97, 22 April - PM.

Most of the time, I am placed on a tier 6 match and I rarely go to tier 8.

As mentioned by Carabao you do not have a big enough Free kid dating websites to make a conclusion of "bad" matchmaking. Secondly do not fear tier 7 or tier 8 in this tank, stay at long range and snipe things to death.

I would say this tank is almost OP as its accuracy will nibble to death nearly anything. I am not sure what I have killed but dossier says I have killed 4 tier 8 tanks with it.

Overall kill rate of 1. It needs a bit of patience and restraint as you cannot brawl with it but man the gun rocks.

I'm fierce and I'm feeling mighty, I'm a golden girl, I'm an Aphrodite. Carabao is lucky to be placed in tier 6 matches.

Im always placed in tier 8 matches and rarely in tier 6. Maybe because of the penatration and the looks of this tank. Right now, im investing for the StugIII and im using this as a credit maker. It's good.

It's even more snipery than it was in Tier V. O" That is when you don't have kills. Back to Filipino.

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