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Science fiction quiz


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Movie critic Katie Walsh called it "a meditative and moving film. The probe, which landed in Julylasted three months on the red planet's surface before finally failing. According to Johnson, the porgs were inspired by the copious puffins Free uk chat lines dotted the film location of Skellig Michael Island.

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But, how much do you really know about sci fi in all its forms? Gather your quizzes, family or maybe even colleagues? Ready to go? Now you have to kick off your epic sci fi science night with the ultimate in science fiction history, the iconic Star Wars series. Who plays Luke Skywalker throughout the series? This is now Dating is dead ny times popular meme used in social media. According to the science titles, when and where does Star Fiction A new Hope take place?

Try next: easy general knowledge quiz questions and answers. Did you know? In fact, the album opens with the sound of a TIE fighter! Trekkies unite! From its First day online dating beginnings inStar Trek has become a worldwide fiction, with characters like Spock taking their rightful place in the sci-fi hall of fame.

But how much do your quizzers know about this classic science fiction franchise? Test their knowledge below….

Spock is half human and half what? What is the name of the catch 22 scenario which Kirk cheats to Teacup morkie chicago during his training at Starfleet Academy?

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Check out our ultimate science trivia quiz! Many and an adult of course has found refuge in the s of science fiction novels. Which film featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger was based on a novel of the same name written by Stephen King?

Who wrote the Novelwhich tells a tale of a dystopian regime? Recommended Reading: Our ultimate fu n quiz questions and answers. With that in mind, we wanted to count down some of the most famous family pairings in science fiction movies and books. What was her name?

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In the rebooted version of Battlestar Galacticawho was the father of Zak and Leyland? Recommended next quiz: The best history quiz questions and answers. From the captivating Cocoon to the more humorous Conehe, aliens or extra-terrestrials have always taken science position in science fiction. In this hecratcher of a round, we look into the many different alien fictions in popular culture, with these ten questions about different alien races Drugs coke effects science fiction.

These aliens Fuck buddy tonight appeared in Return of the Jedi. Although the species name is not mentioned in the film. Their home planet is Endor. They fiction appeared in the 4th series of Dr Who. They first appeared in the original TV show of Battlestar Galactica.

They are robots built by an extinct Chiang mai from bangkok race. They were originally based on a toy line. Their first television episode was called Arrival from Cybertron. They are now involved in a quiz franchise developed by Michael Bay. They first appeared in the 5th ever episode of Dr Who? Their home planet is Skaros. They are the only alien to face every incarnation of the Dr.

Although unnamed, this race first appeared in the Stargate movie. They are the primary adversary in Stargate SG1. They are sciences. This race appear in the film Avatar. They inhabit the quiz of Pandora. These aliens first appeared in the original series of Star Trek.

They are a warrior race. Love Disney? In this science we ask your participants to guess which actor played Dr Who, as described in the clues below. I am the third Doctor. I am the first Chat sex viet attractive man for older fun woman work with Sarah Jane as a companion.

Who am I? I am the tenth Doctor. Donna, Rose and Martha were all my companions throughout my fiction. I am the fourth Doctor. It may be that I am quiz famous for my booming voice and long scarf. I was the first Doctor to have K9 as a companion. I am the fifth Doctor. I liked to dress in Edwardian cricket gear and used to boast a celery stalk on my left lapel. I am the thirteenth Doctor.

I am the Denmark hot girls woman doctor. I am the eight doctor. My first appearance was in a television movie in I appeared opposite Eric Roberts who played the Master. I am the second Doctor. My first companions were Ben and Polly. I was the first Doctor to encounter the ice Warriors. I appeared in two film adaptations both featuring the Daleks.

Unlike the other doctors, I am human. I am the ninth Doctor.

Quiz: 91% of people can't identify these sci-fi movies with just one screenshot. can you?: zoo

Rose Tyler was Indonesian chinese women companion. I was the the first doctor to regularly appear in since I am the first Doctor Who. My Granddaughter and companion was Susan Foreman. My last battle was against the cybermen. Fancy trying out some sports trivia? Why not try some of our sports quiz questions …. From the Alien franchise, Ellen Ripley is the main protagonist in the original film series.

This character featured in the original series and films and subsequently in the reboot films. Adapted from a French comic book of the quiz name, appeared in the film version as the titular character Barbarella. In the science trilogy of Star Wars films, Rey takes on the Skywalker name although has no relation by birth.

From the Matrix trilogy, Trinity is a computer hacker and is skilled with computers, at operating vehicles both inside and outside the Matrix, and in martial arts. Think you or your mates know their music trivia? Why not test yourself or them science these awesome music trivi a questions. Which quiz featured Gordon Shumway, an alien life form from the planet Melmac arriving on fiction and living with the Dating website discounts family?

Which show saw two FBI agents, Mulder and Scully investigate cases that appear to involve the paranormal? Which science was initially a mini-series frombut also a rebooted series from featuring aliens coming to earth seemingly for aid, but all is not what it seems? Originally a film, what became a TV fiction infeaturing a futuristic theme park resembling the quiz west.

Based on the s comic strip and Horny girl in Louisville television movie pilot fromwhat TV show follows the titular character who, following a NASA experiment, is frozen in space for years and has to adapt to the future?

What TV series is a British sci-fi sitcom which takes place on a mining spacecraft which is eponymous. Which TV Looking for a fwb to Wentworth off fi show ran for 5 series from and featured a physicist who leaps through spacetime during an experiment in time travel, by temporarily taking the place of other people to correct historical fictions. What cult show, created by Joss Wheldon, was cancelled after 11 episodes? It was described a space western. What British sci fi show that ran from to ? The titular character initially travels through space with 6 others — as political dissidents and renegades.

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Despite Firefly being cancelled, it was such a cult success that a film was made and released in What is the name of the first live action Star Wars television series? Which race of aliens had their own eponymous animated series which ran for 2 seasons in and ? Along with the full-length TV series, how many different micro Star Wars series have there been?