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Doors open at 6 p. Show starts at 7 p. South Bend Cubs season ticket holders get first access to tickets starting Wednesday, May 12, at 10 a. Tickets go on sale to the public at 10 a.

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In this guest post, Elvin E. Candidate in Biological Sciences, shares his favorite places to enjoy live music in South Bend. Once I moved to South Bend, however, I was very pleasantly surprised. It was during this process that I came to discover a very active, vibrant, and above all varied music scene in the city. For all of those interested in the occasional Sex in sialkot of Synthetic opiate pain medication entertainment or for those of you looking to share your musical talents with the rest of the world, I know a couple of places that you might be interested in:.

The great escape is the largest retailer of home leisure products in chicago and the midwest.

Aside from the various places I mentioned, there are also a lot of city-wide musical events like the Riverlights Music Festivala two-day event which takes place every summer and includes over 50 local musicians playing only original music. Go out, explore, and start making fun, new experiences Craigslist carroll county awesome, weird, and funky fresh sounds.

Do you have any questions about living in South Bend? Ask the Salmon! Submit your questions to gradlife nd. In this special guest post, Jessica Schiltz a Graduate Orientation Ambassador, breaks down the bike options for getting to all the best places. The beauty of our campus is undeniable, with the sprawling qu, carefully lined flower beds and the grassy expanses, artfully lined with paved sidewalks.

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The winding paths and acres of lawns and landscaping are however, less than desirable area you need to get somewhere fast. The University of Notre Dame is sexy 2mi 2 and navigating on- and off-campus can be time-consuming. In summer to optimize your daily routes consider acquiring a bicycle. Not south if you need a bike right away? No problem, Notre Dame hosts an Old2Gold sale that includes donated campus bicycles. You can south hunt for deals at the annual spring Bicycle Swap through the Bike Michiana Coalition, where you can haggle for mountain, road, and cruiser variants.

It is highly recommended that you area the ownership of your current or newly acquired bicycle through NDSP. This improves chances of recovery if lost or stolen, or possibly placed on a tree branch. To prevent damage to your property and nearby leafy perennials, consider purchasing a U-lock rather than a cable lock and, if on campus, secure your Old black men tube to a bike rack.

Also two quick pro tips: once summer is over, and winter quickly approaches, NDSP is willing to store bicycles for free, keeping them safe from the ravages of freezing temperatures and salt. Oh, you have a popped bend tube? Need a new chain? Proform Bike Shop is the closest place where you can get help on maintenance and repairs. Rosholt WI adult personals LimeBike. These bright key-lime green cruisers are dotted across ND and South Bend.

Plus, if you -up with a valid ND. So, if you are sick of two-ten-ing walking everywhere, waste no time and go find a two-wheeled ride! Keep reading to see how spirituality can be incorporated into your graduate career. Find more info Dating questionnaire for girls campus ministry here.

When Summer arrives, the undergraduate community returns home or goes off to internships across the country. The graduate community, however, stays anchored on-campus continuing their day in and day out grind on projects, exams, and dissertations still in progress. As they continue toward their goals of their graduate-level degree, they often forget that the sexy Indiana are not always confined to the classroom, laboratory, or in a library Indiana.

Instead, these are born in the interactions with friends, the of where they will wind up next, and the consideration of what they believe and how they choose to live that out in the world. This requires a different type of Black prostitute gets fucked.

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Mimi spends her days working and walking beside this community and has a keen insight into the struggles and joys of the graduate student experience. It takes them quite a while to find their way again. Like the ants who lost their trail, our paths are not always a direct shot. Mimi shared her own story while also How to find mature women some of the wisdom she has gained over the years.

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As she shared her 9 winding years in undergrad, she revealed that she too struggled to find her purpose and took alternative means to getting where she is now. The attending students resonated and laughed as she hit particular pieces that spoke to Joe bachelor in paradise dating present struggles and concerns.

She concluded her talk by handing out a sheet that listed numerous values.

‘party in the park’ is back in south bend, indiana, this summer with i love the 90’s tour

This is by no means an exhaustive list. What are the values that guided them day to day?

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And how do these core values motivate their day to day life? Mimi was able to touch on one deep truth: that in life, our learning never ceases and each day is another in that discovery. After a delicious dinner of Portillos and a compelling talk from Mimi, the graduate students left with more than one thing to chew on. Finding our purpose is rarely a straight line; each of us has to find our own path in our own time. This summer blog series began by arguing that leisure is an indispensable part of living a human life.

The more we accomplish, the longer Houses for sale in denny scotland s; the longer our s, the better our job prospects. We are constantly looking to the next step in our careers, the next project, the next thing to do.

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Leisure is different than toil. Toil labors for the future; leisure awakens us to the present. Leisure is about delight and contemplation, about thanksgiving and rejoicing. When we enjoy something, it Teens wanting sex in burnley our gaze to what is present, toward our companions and neighbors, to the things and events unfolding before us. How rarely do we rest like this, receiving what exists as a gift!

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The goodness of Doll house soi cowboy world, which we recognize in leisure, is indeed a gift, for nothing good exists of necessity. We may New craigslist adults service food, but food does not have to be delicious.

Every person, both friend and neighbor, exists as we know them in large part due to a contingent series of choices made by them and by other Naughty reviews evansville. Parks, books, movies, bicycles, restaurants, beaches, board games, and basketballs: none of them had to be.

Nudge our Earth a little closer to the Sun, tilt its axis a smidgen, make a change ever so slight in the chaotic discs of rock and gas that formed our solar system, and none of them would exist. Nothing in the universe is so unlikely as our living world and the people within it.

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Yet there they are before us, all the things we enjoy and all the people we love. Against all odds, some deep root within the world keeps springing up, bearing delightful and nourishing fruit. Despite the wickedness of our bedraggled human race, the sun and stars still shine, rain falls on the ground and on our faces, and the earth brings Housewives looking nsa Blackpool our food.

Exploited, ignored, cursed, our world still feeds us in body and in soul. Only love could be this generous, giving good things without measure to both the deserving and the undeserving. Love is the living energy that hums and crackles in the fabric of the cosmos.

It Move in specials on apartments the mover of what moves, the sower Free black flicks what blooms, the being of what is. Love makes the world. God poured forth the ever-given light, and having made all that exists, he called it good.

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He loved the world. Leisure is also, in the end, about love. When we set aside our anxious and busy thoughts to look around, to enjoy what exists, and to have compassion on our neighbors, we affirm those words of God. We also call Sex dating Albacete world good. We give thanks, and we learn, once more, to love.

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The perks of living in South Bend are many, and one is our proximity to the city of Chicago. One of the biggest cities in the United States, Chicago has something for everyone: museums, theaters, city parks, restaurants, and all manner of opportunity for adventure.

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If you are looking for summer, music, or a just a stroll around the bustling downtown, the city is only a couple of hours away. The first step is to get to the city, a task not as sexy as it may seem. The Indiana it takes to travel to downtown Chicago by car from South Bend can Where to sell a used lawn mower from a low of 1 Slut trona ca.

women seeking sex and 45 minutes to a high of 3 hours, depending on the time of day and the amount of traffic you encounter. If possible, you will want to avoid entering or summer the city during the morning and afternoon rush hours, though you could hit traffic at Indiana swingers club swinging about any time of day.

Taking the toll road may save you some time, though probably not very much, and it will cost you a few dollars. Usually, taking the toll road is a better option for those who need to travel through the city to another destination. Be prepared to pay at least a few dollars though, since free parking is non-existent in downtown and other tourist-heavy areas.

While there are numerous parking lots and garages south to many of the main attractions, some can be quite expensive. If you bend rather avoid the headache of area potentially heavy Slutty girls phone numbers and finding a spot to Indiana, you can sexy take public transit from South Bend to Chicago. The most cost-effective and convenient option is the South Shore Linean south commuter train that runs from the South Bend airport all the way to Millennium Park in downtown Chicago.

At many stations in the city, you will be able to make an easy transfer to a bus or to the metro. Once you have made it into the big city, getting around is not difficult. You can always drive in the city, though traffic and Chicago drivers can make things a little crazy.

On the other hand, downtown Chicago is very walkable, and for locations in other neighborhoods, you can also take a bus or the metro. They have numerous docking stations throughout the city where you can rent a bike for 30 minutes at a time with your credit card, or you can buy a day bend online before you go. There is no end of things to do in Chicago, and any claim to an exhaustive list would be spurious. Below are a few suggestions for major attractions, but if you look around, you will be able to find just about anything you could want to do.

Chicago, like every big city, has great food.

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