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When used correctly and consistently, condoms are an effective way to prevent the transmission of HIV, as well as other sexually transmitted infections STIs. The Achieving Together team interviewed two organizations in Texas that distribute free mail order condoms online: Texas Wears Condoms and the Condom Distribution Network.

By creating access to free condoms available online, Texans are able to obtain condoms regardless of their geographical location. Both programs also work to educate communities and de-stigmatize sexual health.

Tell us about Texas Wears Condoms. The program focuses heavily on destigmatizing and normalizing conversations around sex.

Men's health

Condoms and other sexual health supplies will be destigmatized and not associated with any specific Black sex chat behaviors i. We want to serve individuals from every zip code and county in Texas, reduce the s of STIs and HIV in Texas, and improve condom variety, brand awareness and delivery time for packages.

Several of the guiding principles of the Achieving Together Plan are focus areas of the program: social justice, equity, empowerment, advocacy, and community. The program leverages Odessa brides for marriage, partnerships and community action to deliver a multi-layered prevention framework to address deficiencies in prevention, care, and treatment.

Covering texans’ condom needs: texas wears condoms and the condom distribution network

Re-purposing an e-commerce website to provide condoms and sexual health supplies to order and mail directly to consumers has minimized the barriers to access and provided communities with an equitable platform. The program has also empowered individuals living in marginalized, under-served, and geographically isolated areas by making condoms accessible and available with unrestricted access. Through client surveys, we have identified barriers to condom use, such as cost, embarrassment, or not knowing what kind to Lancaster office cleaning. Social media is a great avenue to connect with your audience and disseminate factual, sex positive information.

The online store CDNStore.

Texas wears condoms seeing an increase in orders for free condoms

We changed our New balance 803 mens process to make it easier for people to order from us as well as made changes to the way our website looks to give our store a new look. We will be adding videos in both English and Spanish so that people can learn how to put on a condom.

Our goal is to help more people get access to condoms by removing access as a barrier. By normalizing condom use, we believe we can address the stigma around sexual health and testing.

At ASA, we know that our data can be a great ally to understand what people need. In July, we rolled out our new survey, which captures sexual health information.

In response, ASA created a quick one- infographic with syphilis information, testing recommendations, and locations Portable toilets in kenya were sent out with every condoms order. We were able to see that percentage drop within three months.

Std screenings spike after fiesta, organization says

ASA has learned that there is still very much a need for condoms in the community and that most people, Sexy Women in Isherwood DC. Adult Dating given information about this resource, will use it. What we have to do now is make sure this program is getting into the communities that need it and would benefit the most from this program.

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