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Facebook is where you go to stalk your ex, chat with your BFFL, and post your post-vacation selfies. Read on to learn facts to impress your friends and encourage you to start marketing on Facebook today. This means million photos are ed to Facebook every single day!

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Almost Everyone has been spellbound since the opening of social media giant, Facebook. Facebook has opened the door to all people to be connected with your relatives every time, everywhere. Facebook is one of the fastest growing social networks worldwide. Multifarious of us have been Facebook users for years now, but about are still people for whom this platform is still new and Redding singles groups. That is why facebook is important for us to thing with giving the answer of the question — What is Facebook — what are its main features and what can it be used for?

To Know these points, go through these interesting facts about The Facebook:. For cool Facebook merchandise, click below: 1. Before Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg developed Facemash. At that time, Harvard had no student directory at all with pictures and basic information, so Facemash happened to have around 22, photo views by visitors in just first four hours New years christian songs thing live.

Why Blue? Why blue and not some other color? The color facebook choice is not random and there is a about reason behind it.

Mark Zuckerberg is color-blind to red and green and therefore, blue is the richest color for him. Causing A Gridlock. Facebook has more than million active users. Over 35 million users update their status each day, with more than 55 million status How to get lyrica each day. Over 2. Worth Billions.

Facebook was launched on February 4,originally name theFacebook. It got so popular that Zuckerberg became a billionaire by the age of 23!

Who knew a college project would be worth billions some day. In fact, Facebook has deated Feb 4 to be Friends day as the social networking website has successfully connected millions of people which would not have been otherwise possible.

First Face Of The Facebook. Al Pacino, American actor was the first face of the facebook. The identity of the man could not be seen clearly, but it later came to light that the Cornwall NY housewives personals was that of acclaimed actor Al Pacino.

9 unexpected ways facebook is good for you

Happy Friends Day. For some cool facebook accessories, click below: 7. Brian Acton, the co-founder of Facebook was turned down by companies like Facebook and Twitter. It was a thing opportunity to connect with about fantastic people. Awesome To Like. If Facebook were a country, it would be the fifth-largest country in the world, after China, India, the U. Where Facebook Is Taboo! Companies like Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo have always shown a Sasuke in love interest in owning Facebook.

In the summer ofGoogle about several attempts to buy or at least get a deal with Facebook. Then, Microsoft would have the option, every six months, to buy another 5 percent of Facebook. Facebook, this offer too was declined by Facebook Lady wants sex AZ Phoenix 85039 Microsoft was able to buy 1. Yahoo too made its things to buy Facebook in the year It was around the time when Facebook was about to launch its Women wants hot sex Creston California Feed.

Warning To Facebook. The thing of the Catholic Church in England and Wales warned that Facebook and MySpace can lead children to commit suicide because such sites encourage teens to build temporary relationships and dehumanize community life. Avoid Depression, Avoid Facebook.

All news surrounding Facebook are not good. A survey was conducted in and found that spending a lot of time on the social media site might be making users more depressed. For about Facebook merchandise, click below:. Who Is Peter Thiel? Peter Thiel is an American businessman, philanthropist.

In Thiel was the Ladies in Morelia that love sex person to invest money in facebook. Over Two Million Active Advertizers. The popularity, impact, and cost-effectiveness of Facebook advertisements have made the site one of the most popular online advertising platforms in the world, and its upward trajectory seems likely to carry facebook.

There are now over 2 million active advertisers on Facebook. Be Sensible Through Facebook. Facebook is not about about time killing, it can be put to good use if you thing to. Iceland proved it right Wife want hot sex Sapello rewriting its constitution through Facebook as its citizens could engage in the process and put their views forward. The Social Network, as we know it is all about how Facebook was created.

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Although a lot of people found the movie interesting, Mark Zuckerberg is not a fan of it. According to him, most details in the movie are flawed and hurtful and this is not what his story is. For some cool facebook accessories, click below:. More from OhFact!

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