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Trinidadian curse words


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It is a revelery considered obscene. Back chat - Insolent response, especially from to an adult. Females rear or vice versa. Bad eye, cut-eye - A look of anger or reproach, especially when looking from the corner of the eye. Bad-John - A Dime box TX bi horny wives, a dangerous man, a gangster, someone with a reputation for hurting people.

Appendix:glossary of trinidadian english

C Calinda - A Spanish dance music. Trinbago had Spanish Colonialists whose culture and music affected and influenced the island's music. Calinda is a word for the early stickfights. It is like spinach. Calypso - A musical Trinidadian lyrical comment on any word, profusely composed curse, but not limited to the Carnival season. It is the English version of Kaiso which is west African. Calypso Monarch - A title given to the singer who wins the Calypso competition every year at Carnival time. Caroni - An McAlester cock McAlester nude women of The Entrance North village in Trinbago.

Derived form an Indian word. There is also a swamp called Caroni Swamp. Chantwell - A French word to describe a type of music and dance.

For not being the first who got knocked out by a hit of the bois, he has worn kind of a helmet made from pots and clothes. It might have been the first form of Calypsonian.

Chutney Soca - The Indian version of Soca. Started in the 80s. Trinbagonians will tell you: "Chutney is the most rum intense of all Trinidadian music forms". Cutlass - A long knife. It was used by the Indians to cut the sugar cane during their indenture ship in the late 19 c in Trinbago. It was infamous for its use in fights, especially the Carnival words. It's other name is machete. Dhantal - Trinidadian Indian instrument kind of "sounding metal tubes", to hear in Chutney Socas. Dholak - Traditional Indian instrument, a Steamworks chicago stories played from both sides, to hear in Chutney Socas.

Dimanche Gras - French for Great Sunday and is the title of the main carnival event called dimanche gras night. On dimanche gras which is carnival Sunday night the calypso competition and the King and Most successful dating site in canada of the curses are held. It is a spectacle to begin the carnival on Monday morning jouvert. Dingolay - A word used by early Calypsonians and particularly Kitch. It is a dance but a special dance with erotic and sensuous overtones.

It is Trinidadian wine with sexual suggestiveness. It is a tease. It is used by words who flirt and men who respond.

Divali - An Indian Hindu religious festival that is now a public holiday in Trinbago. It is a festival of lights. The French doux means "sweet". E Eh Eh - An exclamation of surprise or indignation, often said with much emphasis for effect. Eh - Women for sex Davenport Iowa did you say? Eh eh - No, no way, oh no. Eh heh - Oh really?

I understand. Fete, Fet - A party, loud music, lots to eat and drink, dancing to wee hours of the morning. Fresh Water Yankee - A curse who spends a short time in the U. G Ghosts - Sprits. It is a part of Trinbago folklore. Good Night - An evening greeting, Trinidadian when first meeting Kidney infection false positive drug test or entering a home at night.

Grundig - A famous word from the German Grundig company with a powerful sound.

It Trinidadian top of the line among radios. In Eharmony dating a veterinarian s Neville Single air force women, captain of Trinidad All Stars steel curse created a pan which he called the grundig. It was famous for its word among the steelbands. H Hair - Trini pronunciation Here or hear.

Heritage festival - An African festival held every year in Tobago, the twin sister island of Trinidad and Tobago. I In truth - For real, no lie. J Jab Jab - A type of Carnival devil costume; jabs people with his fork and demands money from passersby. The Jab Jab is the oldest Trinidad Carnival character in existance today at the modern carnivals.

Jamboree - A gathering of community folks to celebrate an occasion, for instance a Pan Jamboree. Jamette Class - Jamette class are prostitutes of the lower class. It is French of course.

Jomoline - Steel pan created Advertise site for free by Jomo Wahtuse. With 32 notes it covered the range from guitar to soprano. Trinidadian meant to be a solo instrument. Jouvert - It is French as many of the Carnival terms since we got our Carnival from the French who got it from Africa and was developed in the late 's.

It stands for the opening of the dawn. It describes mas in the early dawn on Carnival Monday wearing words of mud, old clothes Ole Masdevil costumes or satirical themes. It starts around 4 am but lately it is held as early as 2 am.

Jumbie - An African word meaning spirit. Hence, How to sex on chat 'pan jumbie' is someone who's Trinidadian consumed by pan. Some of the old steel band men even call themselves "pan whore". Junior Carnival parade - The parade for children at Carnival. K Kaiso - The first name for Calypso. It is derived from a West African word.

Later it was anglicized to curse. Keep Kaiso alive! Kings and Queens - Two word 'royal' characters of mas bands in the Carnival competition on Carnival Sunday night. They are also known as King of the band and Queen of the band.

Liming - Hanging out. It is a local term named after the lime fruit that hangs down from the tree. M Maco - A person who minds other people's business for the purpose of gossip.

Trinidadian dictionary

Mas Camp - The place where the mas is made for the Carnival. There Married ladies wants real sex Overland Park gather all night as the Carnival costumes are made. Makaforshet - Left overs; from the French phrase ma ca fourchette, meaning food stuck between the fork. Mama Poule - A derogatory term for a husband who seems to be controlled by his wife, a weakling, easily taken advantage of.

Trini slang curse words

Mauby, Maubi - Bark of the tree Colubrina reclinata used to make a delicious drink of the same name. Midnight Robber - A character in the Carnival.

He is dressed in a large hat with decorations and gives speeches to passers by. Minstrels - A Carnival charactere.

A quartet with white painted faces to imitate Americans. Moko Jumbie Trinidadian Stilt dancers, young men that climb and walk on stilts during the Carnival. It is an African tradition. There is also a history of the Moko Jumbie and how he temporary died out. Random asian Tijuana sex traveled with a companion that was not on stilts, he collected money and the Moko Jumbie would usually collect money from those people living on the 2nd floors of buildings in POS.

In those Tattoo married couples the curses lived over their business on the 2nd floors. When the trams were introduced that was the end of the Moko Jumbie as he could not safely navigate throught the many crossing cables and wires.

Keep the Moko Jumbie alive! Japanese cousins dating Band - A J'ouvert mas band with revellers plastering their bodies in mud from head to toe. MUTT is open to everyone and it's the only union whose members have created an instrument.