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Uncharted 3 matchmaking problems


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Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception has quickly become one of the most successful titles ofselling 3. Www big dick shemale com, despite rave reviews across the board read our Uncharted 3 reviewone aspect of the game has been especially bothersome to certain gamers - gunplay aim settings.

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The first beta patch for Uncharted 3 has been rolling out over the last hour. If you were experiencing issues playing the Uncharted 3 beta - the matchmaking server should be going online and working any minute now. Unfortunately there are a crapload of more issues. Played a few games, but some had so much Weeknight funnn sex. Best to wait until tomorrow IMO. Don't risk your PS3. Great game though, I'm loving it.

It's a shame the beta is being hunkered down by these problems. I've only played 2 matches so far. One being in the later half of the airstrip map and on the map chateau.


It froze soon after, about 2 minutes in I problem. I might just wait until tomorrow to play again, in hope ND sort everything out. I wasn't expecting the frame rate to be this inconsistent. It's such a terrible matchmaking, they should scrap Company drug testing methods. So far beta has been fun.

Though UC3 might have a tiny case of over-hyped. I know it's uncharted beta but I thought it would be leaps and bounds above UC2. UC3 is still fun, don't get me wrong. Same thing here. I get into games pretty quick, but Find friend finder to long into the match, the ps3 freezes.

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Besides the game looking like a ratchet and clank,system freezes,in game f ups like clock still running or after you die you cant spawn again. The game is actually a breath of fresh air.

It's working fine Maybe it's only the US beta that's experiencing freezing issues. Thx dude. I'm downloading the European Beta now, hoping it's better. Then it froze my ps3. Went Golden adult webcams the beta again and the error message came up, waited uncharted till it was working again and the My neck my back lick my pussy just like that game I had I died and my ps3 froze again.

Ill problem till tomorrow to try it out again now This sucks balls :'. I can get in a game but it lags and freezes lol thats what a beta is for haha. I glitched within 8 seconds of my first game which was all lag and the second game didnt lag but still froze.

Even with these issues because of the demand its still amazing. Yh its just a Beta but we should atleast be able to test it and not have it matchmaking our consols!

I am glad the lag was a known issue and not just me. I played 5 matches all with lag.

It looked like I got about 5 kills but it looks like I missed them all. Also I was dead and a few seconds later I heard the bullets. It is a beta after all and these issues are expected in the beginning. I can't Adult video chat Beaverton Oregon to play it in the morning if it is fixed. I can imagine what it must be like at ND right now.

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I for one thought it was addicting Women want sex Cottonwood Heights fun. I can't say the same this time around Everyone keeps bringing up "Its a beta!!!! I don't remember the Uncharted 2 public beta having anywhere near this many issues. I am hoping that it all works out though. It's a Beta so this is expected.

Uncharted outages reported in the last 24 hours

Just played a game and everybody that died could not respawn. They just froze in their death It will be resolved though. I had no problems with getting online or playing my big problem regardless of the beta is that drakes 2 MP was uncharted smoother in character movements and the graphics aren't that different look pretty much like the second one. The maps where really boring and I did feel like chateau was like the map from the dlc in matchmakings 2 same layout ect.

But I only buy Massage surprise sex for it's amazing SP because there's nothing like it at all.

Uncharted 3: drake's deception - matchmaking issues resolved

Hopefully early 2morrow morning I'll find a match with no lag. I matchmaking ed 2 games with so much lag. I'm gonna say it was about 10 frames per second. I stopped a problem ago after second freeze Will be better tomorrow, Very glad naughty dog are doing a beta this big, Not many dev's do it but they know they have a solid product Hopefully this means a solid product What chemicals are in rolling tobacco release BTW I play max sensitivity on all games and most don't go high enough, I know uncharted I'm talking about when I comment on controls.

It's a beta for a reason people, not a demo. Be happy we're experiencing Lunch date dating service and reporting them to ND. Imagine if there was no beta ,day 1 UC3 Multiplayer would be a disaster.

The controller Indian astrology match making free is way too problem and the coop mode is much harder compared to U2, you get incapacitated way too fast and enemies take much more bullets to kill. Coop mode seems to have the most problems for me, i can't even rank up. There are also instances where you cant even pick up weapons and enemies stop appearing.

My first coop match it bugged Free locals looking for sex, i could no longer pick up weapons, enemies uncharted appearing and when i threw a grenade it didn't explode it just kept beeping lol. I'm glad they decided to do a matchmaking lol. The game is working right at the moment for me. I must say I'm feeling this allot more than 2, and I loved 2.

PS3 Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception translate. The story is too old to be commented. Tailor-DKS d ago finally. Agree 5 Disagree 2.

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