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However, there was some overlap during this period, as might be expected in a factory with stock parts sitting around.

Late also marked the year that David L. As I recall this is the time when only the Vega name Top 10 dog breeds for first time owners used as a trade-mark, e. The dates and styles follow below. Vega Tubaphone tenor banjos likely first came about at the end of World War I. Although the early teens Vega catalogue does not list tenor banjos, interestingly, a testimonial on the last mentions Vega tenors!

Given that the end of World War I was the date of this catalogue might be later than or a catalogue supplement or earlier catalogue documented Vega tenors. Tenor banjos were not included in this catalogue and either the date of is incorrect or tenors were listed in a catalogue.

There is a catalogue listed as but very likely any date from to that lists three tubaphone tenor styles: Style M, Style X No. This is the first documentation that I am aware of of Vega Tubaphone tenors. See Muslim dating sites in pakistan images below:.

Part of the Style X No. Double Drool…. Style Ms were shipped by default as Regular size whereas the two higher end models were shipped Professional size by default; one had to specify otherwise.

However, in some cases the largest pot sizes had 15 or 17 frets on the standard fingerboard, making scale very variable! Extended Fingerboards Back to catalogue images one can see that the two higher end Styles X, De Luxe sport the extended fingerboards with 22 frets, Indian marry american providing a three octave range.

Interestingly ,I can find no only two examples of Style X No. Was this fingerboard only a prototype from Vega and what about the fifth string, coursed similarly to a mandolin, special order Craigslist hudson vall aftermarket? I think I got this image from Bob Smakula, with thanks!

Based on serial s, the Fairbanks — Vega Style M tubaphones sported the Imperial Torch and and later in to the early s versions had the Vega and vines or Scrambled Eggs? Occasionally one may find a serial ed Portrait poses for older couples M with a Imperial Torch inlay, which suggests either inaccuracy with serial dating or a marriage of parts during a transition period.

To the left the Imperial Torch de, usually seen with serial s dating from to To the right, the Vega and Vines or Scrambled Eggs inlay seen with serial s dating in to the early 30s. Finish Colour.

Colour also provides a clue to the date and Styles of the various Vega styles of tenors. There appear to be two finishes for Vega tenors in the — Imperial Torch period: natural and antique.

From the Imperial Torch period, A. Note the two resonator types. Here is a nifty banjo Serial finder that can help to date Vegas.