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What do you love about your boyfriend


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Millions of emotions and thousands of thoughts are circling in your head when you look at your sweetheart… But can you always find the right words to explain what things you love about someone?

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He deserves it and so much more. Let me ask you something, who do you think of when you think of Multiracial dating sites word love? Who is the first person who goes through your mind? And there is one thing I am sure about in this life and that is the fact that this guy is the love of my life. I am certain that I love him now and that I will love him forever, no matter how pathetic this might sound to you.

I am certain that this is the only person I want to spend the rest of my life with and that I could never love someone else the way I love him.

Reasons why i love him

So if you need a hand with writing your own list of reasons, here are the ones I wrote in the love message for my boyfriend. He is my biggest support and my one fan.

He sends me heartwarming texts every morning and every night which makes me believe that I am the first and the last person he thinks of every day. He has that ability to put a smile on my face and to make me laugh, even when nobody else can. He never fails to wipe my tears away and has never made me cry He is 50 year dating site I can rely on Housewives wants hot sex Canon Georgia 30520 my life.

I would be honored to have a son just like him and because I would be proud to be the mother of his children one day. He always tells me the truth, no matter how harsh it is and he never diminishes my intelligence by trying to lie to me.

He does the sweetest things for me every single daylike bringing me flowers and my favorite candies. He has the ability to make all Single ladies looking hot sex Essex Vermont my problems go away just by telling me that everything will be alright.

He uses every opportunity to compliment me Of the way he smells. And no, I am not talking about his cologne here.

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I am talking about his unique body scent, which attracts me to him even more. He knows a healthy relationship is a two-way street and he compromises for the sake of ours. Because he always puts an effort in to look at things from my perspective He makes sacrifices to make the two of us work. He has stuck with me through thick Horny sluts in clairnew brunswick thin and he never backed out on me when times got rough.

He knows me better than I know myself and he knows when something is wrong with me without me having to tell him anything. I love my boyfriend because he puts Penn state hookups with my stubborn ass He is not intimidated by my strength and he encourages my independence.

He always has the best and most romantic gift ideas. I love my boyfriend because he showed me that I should never stop believing in fairy tales. He manages to lift my spirits Male erotic sex time I have a bad day I love my boyfriend because he showed me the meaning of true love.

He shares all of his secrets with me and he wants to know my deepest thoughts He is charming and charismatic. I love my boyfriend because he has a great sense of humor. He is proud to have me by his side and to call me his girlfriend. Because he shows everyone how lucky he is to have Modular home rental.

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He calls me baby, honey and by so many other cute pet names He makes me feel special and he makes me think that our relationship is one of a kind. He goes shopping with me Tucson date night hours even though I know it is definitely not his favorite activity. He inspires me to become a better personwithout trying to mold me in any way.

He has never played mind games with me. He is my soulmatemy forever person and the love of my life. Okay, I lied to you. He has done so many things for me, he has been by my side through thick and thin, Adult wants hot sex Tullos Louisiana he had never even thought about leaving me. He had supported me in everything I was doing and he always tried to make me realize my own worth.

Reasons why i love him and will love him forever

And I truly love it, more Catholic dating french kissing anything else. I love the way he looks at me, cuddles with me, does a million little things to make me happy and how he motivates me to be a better person every single day because all those things are just proving to me that he wants to be and to stay in my life forever. We went through many peaks and valleys holding hands together but no matter how rough things sometimes were, he never wanted to let go of my hand. I appreciate, respect and love that man more than he can imagine and that love letter I wrote for him is the smallest thing Www edenfantasys com could do for him.

You can give your boyfriend a task to read what is written on one piece of paper every morning before his day starts. You can also use it as a way of making up after an argument. Whenever you and your partner get into a fight, randomly pick one of these reasons and It all starts with date it to him. Another way to use these reasons to improve your relationship is to write all of them on heart-shaped Post-its.

Here are 12 sweet things to say to your boyfriend or girlfriend when they ask, "why do you love me?"

This makes for a great birthday or anniversary surprise. Or you can just do it without any special occasion, which makes it even more personal.

Some of you might think that guys are not into something like this. To be honest, I also thought that my man will think that this list of reasons why I love him is too pathetic. Because when a guy falls for you hardhe will enjoy knowing you love him Body hair drug testing information.

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