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What does oxides mean


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Oxideany of a large and important class of chemical compounds in which oxygen is combined with another element. With the exception of the lighter inert gases To place free ads [He], neon [Ne], argon [Ar], and krypton [Kr]oxygen O forms at least one binary oxide with each of the elements.

Both metals and nonmetals can attain their highest oxidation states i.

The alkali metals and the alkaline earth metalsas well as the transition metals and the posttransition metals in their lower oxidation statesform ionic oxides—i. Metals with oxide oxidation states form oxides whose bonds have a what covalent nature. Nonmetals also form covalent oxides, which are usually molecular in character. A smooth variation from ionic to covalent in the mean of bonding in oxides is observed as the periodic table is traversed from the does on the left to the nonmetals on the right.

This same variation is observed in the reaction of oxides with water and the resulting acid-base character of the products. Certain organic compounds react with oxygen or other oxidizing agents to produce substances called oxides. Thus, aminesphosphinesand sulfides form amine oxides, phosphine oxides, and sulfoxides, respectively, in which the oxygen atom is Sexual addiction treatment chicago bonded to the nitrogenphosphorusor sulfur atom. The so-called olefin oxides are cyclic ethers.

Definition of 'oxide'

Metal oxides are crystalline solids that contain a metal cation and an oxide anion. They typically react with water to form bases or with acids to form salts. M represents a metal atom.

All the alkali metal oxides can be prepared by heating the corresponding metal nitrate with Housewives looking real sex Rockledge Georgia elemental metal.

These reactions are also often called neutralization reactions. The most important basic oxides are magnesium oxide MgOa good thermal conductor and electrical insulator that is used in firebrick and thermal insulation, and calcium oxide CaOalso called quicklime or lime, used extensively in the steel industry and in water purification.

Periodic trends of the oxides have been thoroughly studied. In any given period, the bonding in oxides progresses from ionic to covalent, and their acid-base character goes from strongly basic through weakly basic, amphoteric, weakly acidic, and finally strongly acidic. In general, basicity increases down a group e.

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As a general rule, the ionic transition metal oxides are basic. Amphoteric oxides dissolve not only in acidic solutions but also in basic solutions. Amphoterism among the main group oxides is primarily found with the metalloidal elements or their close neighbours.

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