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What is a tab


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In computing, "tab" has two different meanings. It may refer to 1 a key on the keyboard or 2 a document header inside a window. The tab key is located on tab left side of the keyboard next to Q and enters the tab character ASCII code: Puppies for sale in orange county ny when pressed. If you are typing in a word processorpressing Tab will move the cursor to the next "tab stop. Pressing Tab at the beginning of a line can be used to indent text, such as the beginning of a paragraph in a text document or a line of source Paco bloodline for sale in a program. Pressing Tab what blocks of text can be used to horizontally align words in multiple lines.

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Origin of tab

Top definition. A tab is not a crush or a love interest, just someone you'd hypothetically get involved with and could fall for hypothetically.

A person may have one up to googleplex tabs. More often than not, '' tabs'' usually open up when a person is intoxicated.

A synonym for a tab could possibly be ''pre-crush''. Blazenka's ultimate tab is definately Nino.

I got drunk and Nicholas accidentally became a tab. Abbreviation for tablaturethe chords and riffs for playing a song writen out for guitar or bass.

Single doses of LSD on paper squares. Also known as " blotter ".

I took 7 tabs last night and I'm still semi-tripping. Oxford slang for students of Cambridge University.

From 'Cantab. Always either in the company of other tabs or your Rice-boy boyfriend. Asian Guy 1: Oh man, my girlfriend was bitching again today. I'm so sick of it. Jul 17 trending 1.

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