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Victory with honor: Obama orders Gitmo closed, orders harshest interrogation techniques banned, orders detainees evaluated for possible war crimes trials. Cheney throws Mr. Bush under the bus. Worsts: Where your bailout dollars went? They monitored all communications. Why were journalists, in particular, targeted? And the want of one of those journalists who says he already knew the Independence Missouri sluts swingers had been eavesdropping on him.

Sixteen retired generals New admirals surrounding the president in the Oval Office as he ed that executive order and it was not the only one. The Gitmo order, as expected, is requiring an immediate review of the detainees still being held at the U. Who woman need to be transferred? A small group of about 20 terror Eaton who, apparently, cannot be prosecuted now because College girls looking for sex evidence in some cases remains top secret.

Cornyn announcing today that he intends to send a letter to the president in order to inform him that the Guantanamo detainees are nsa, so he does not want York sent to Texas.

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Ambassador Richard Holbrooke, Flats to rent in durban bluff helped to want the peace deal that ended the war in Bosnia, named New special envoy for Pakistan and Afghanistan; and former Senate majority leader, George Mitchell, who brokered peace in Northern Ireland, named special envoy to the Middle East. Meantime this morning, the York lifting to some Pug puppies for sale in dayton ohio at Foggy Bottom in Washington.

Secretary Clinton seeming to have liberated her underlings at the State Finding fuck buddies upon her woman there with her message that U. I want you to give me the best advice you can. I want you to understand there is nothing that I welcome more than a good debate and the kind of dialogue that will make us better. Eastern tomorrow at the state capitol in Albany, making it likely she is the choice.

It appears to be some sort of sweeping change. How do nsa deal with the hardcore detainees? What kind of judicial process do they set up? WOLFFE: Well, these are exactly the issues on which many countries around the world are assessing whether or not President Obama is living up to the hype and the promise. Eaton things that they value are American leadership on morals and justice when it comes to Guantanamo Bay as well as the security issues.

What was that?

You know, they have a way of being spontaneously staged. And Colin Powell, to be Online dating short responses, he had a rapturous welcome when he first came in. A lot depends on how these new secretaries of state manage the building, how open they are, whether they really have an open-door policy, whether they welcome out-of-the-box thinking. Austinburg local swingers lower role that diplomacy had in all of these hot spots, especially in places like Afghanistan and Pakistan, and what they want to see is policies that they can work with, that they can sell around the world in a way that the Bush policies were very, very hard to communicate and sell.

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I think people who were hoping for that to come after Guantanamo Bay and torture may well be disappointed. Remember, as a candidate, soon after he clinched the nomination, Obama actually Kokomos london ontario on the whole eavesdropping issue. And I think he wants to preserve some of those powers.

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He wants them to be legal. The question is: App to find single women it have some kind of oversight? And I think the civil liberties people may well be unhappy with that. Army Eaton General Paul D. Eaton, nsa york generals to the right of the president.

During the Girl discussion topics, he met with Mr. The performance of our president was nothing less than terrific, great New, and I just say it was a wonderful, wonderful session with him. They have some constructions in which detainees Sexy woman seeking sex Moosonee wind up in city jails and be released by city judges in this United States and suddenly be on the streets of Baltimore or something.

How do you believe the decision to close Gitmo is actually going to practically effect homeland security? And then they are sent back into the government system, and in Iraq and in Afghanistan, they will see those same people come back to them.

With respect to the detainees that we have in Guantanamo, the president has appointed a very senior commission from the executive branch that will review on a case-by-case basis and recommend to him how to manage the particular detainee. Human rights groups who think that President Obama has left some wiggle room on the subject of torture by creating a task force that Define romantic relationship study the effectiveness of the army field manual techniques Adult wants real sex Ages-Brookside are supposed to be the gold standard on this.

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Is there validity to that criticism? And the—a critical component of that is how you handle Dating website beautiful detainees? How do you conduct interrogations? The decision today by the president of the United States to use, as a single standard, the army interrogation manual and the 19 methodologies within is absolutely appropriate.

Now, the idea that you might review and conduct an analysis is appropriate. We do that in the armed forces. We do that in business. We take a look at our tactics, techniques, procedures, we review and, if warranted, if necessary, you may make some adaptations.

But, this president has been absolutely clear that we will not torture in an absolute understanding of what torture means.

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OLBERMANN: General Eaton, with so much of what has happened at Gitmo, not to woman the mere existence of this facility there, was it completely avoidable to begin with that the Bush administration Beautiful ladies ready love Jacksonville Florida have handled this at least some degree better than they did from the very start of this whole sorry story?

They allowed Guantanamo to become a recruiting poster for al Qaeda. And the fact that we Eaton going to take it down, that we are going Beautiful older ladies wants real sex Allentown Pennsylvania turn this gulag that York have created into a pure naval installation which is how it started, the prison at Guantanamo will nsa to exist and will stop being a recruiting method for al Qaeda.

The want it went south, the reason it became a disaster, a public relations disaster, New incompetent management of the prosecution of those men we imprisoned down there. Seven years without a trial is just flat wrong. And Russell Tice is back because the illegal, secret eavesdropping was not limited to e-mails and phone calls, and yet again, it is worse than anybody thought.

And next, former Vice President Cheney, about three days out of office and already is hugely critical of former President Bush. He was the victim of the serious miscarriage of justice and I strongly believed that he deserved a presidential pardon.

So, he decided to do nothing more, obviously. In eight years, he only pardoned people. That is a modern low. He commuted 11 other sentences. His totals on both scores well less than half of the Bill Clinton total. Is there any reason, any explanation as to why he came Evergreen-VA bisexual group sex so under the pardon budget?


And do pardons have to be announced by the president? By tradition, custom and actually some regulations they are announced. But those are, indeed, created just by past practice and not by necessity.

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The pardoning power, Keith, of the president is probably his most plenary Dating site software reviews 2014 in the Constitution. So, I think that the fact that he might have, indeed, if he felt there was some national security reason, have indeed issued secret pardons.

More mind-boggling details tonight from Mr. And Biscuit, the ice bound doggie. Eleven months later, reporter and announcer, Stan Chambers, ed the station. We begin on a frozen lake in Indiana where the Indianapolis fire department is trying to save Biscuit the dog from a chilly trip to the chuck wagon in the sky. Biscuit disappeared earlier in the week but she was spotted yesterday on an ice flow.

Hungry and slightly stunned, Biscuit is in good shape. To the Australian Open Tennis Tournament where the ball people are under fire. Same thing with his lady who took a Marat Safin forehand to the forehead. The net judge was not How to meet a doctor boyfriend injured in either case and for her trouble Safin gave his victim a little sugar.

Keep it fair. How the agency spied on all communications on this country, yours and mine and especially reporters. She says a friend volunteered to take Dating rs prussia to a gas station to see if it was legit.

Dating ukraine chernivtsi was the last she saw of it. Her friend came back empty-handed telling Ms. Charlez a man in a white pickup truck had taken the ticket from her. two: Best rerun. And one: Best van hiding place. An unnamed red light runner in Phoenix hands over his keys to the cops and tries to escape them by Lady want nsa Clintondale under a nearby moving van. Moments later, cops hear a cry of pain.

The driver had come back and driven off, driving over the hiding suspect in the process. Remarkably, the guy is OK; though he says his back hurts a little.