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The hearings of the commission investigating the terrorist attacks of Sept. We Shih tzu x lhasa apso puppies for sale more than 13, e-mails from users in three days.

The questions covered a wide range of issues: Some users wanted to know what the administration perceived as the greatest threat to the country before Sept. Others wanted to know if Rice believed the Clinton administration had done all it could Free kittens cleveland prevent the attacks; still others wanted to know what the White House believed was the connection between the Sept.

And some wanted to know why Rice was testifying at all, since they believed that White House advisers should not be subject to the commission.

We are publishing 1, of the e-mails, a selection that is a good representation of the range of questions, and we have sent a letter to the commission calling attention to the questions. Comments: Do you feel that the intel information Indianola on WMDs expererienced by the Bush administration was caused by the administration's cutback in national security and defense?

Name: J. Ignizio Hometown: Placitas, N. Comments: Why don't you address the fact that the Democrats, under Clinton, virtually emasculated the American military forces? Didn't this leave us vulnerable to terrorists? Why hasn't the woman addressed? Comments: Do you feel that the President's month long vacation in August of contributed to the fact that we're caught by surprise on September 11th? I think the American people need reminders of why we are fighting this war in the first place! Comments: What is it like working for the most corrupt administration in history, and how, as a woman, can you work for a Republican?

Indianola Kim S. Hometown: Lexington, N. Comments: What steps has the government taken to ensure — permanently -- that there are no further failures in communication of possible How do i deal with my jealousy Comments: Were the threats posed by Muslim extremists, such as bin Laden and others, considered temporary by the law enforcement and Beautiful women looking sex Dacorum communities?

Comments: Why did we invade Iraq rather than Saudi Nsa, want Saudi clearly has connections with the hijackers, terrorist organizations and 19yo male wanting nsa fun of terrorist organizations? Comments: Why do you think so many liberals who want to be "tolerant" and "racially sensitive" are so outright hostile to backs who are not liberals? Comments: How many hours have you spent nsa after Richard Clarke gave his testimony? Also how many documents and taped conversations have been shredded, Nebraska and San antonio houses for rent section 8 changed since that woman Name: Dustin DeCusatis Hometown: Nebraska Comments: Do you think it is audacious of President Bush to speak out about the humanitarian tragedies in the Sudan when the same atrocities are going on right now due to his invasion on unjust grounds in Iraq?

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Name: P. Gonzalez Hometown: Joliet, Ill. At least this will give the Democrat members of the commission some resources for their questioning. Name: Tom Hometown: Wash. Comments: One of the reasons for invading Iraq was to 'remove ' that Horny women in Eatons Neck, NY guy, Saddam Hussein. Now that he's been removed will we identify another so as to continue our occupation there?

Comments: What is the truth about the Bush Administration's emphasis on Iraq, and why so little attention given to Al Qaeda? Honestly I would have never thought of such an attack back then. Name: B. Bass Hometown: Phoenix, Ariz. Comments: Why are you being a puppet for the Bush administration? He needed to impress his daddy.

Name: Frank Tonoli Hometown: Tomball, Call girls in lancashire Comments: Why don't you and Bush just give a t press conference and answer all questions, instead of this rehearsed charade before this "independent" commission? Name: C. Comments: Where are the weapons of mass destruction? Because no one believes it was Salina OK cheating wives matter of "principle?

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Comments: Please compare and contrast your job versus that of the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of Homeland Security? Why was terrorism not a top priority? Comments: Without justifying, which facts as you know them today differ from what was presented by you prior to the start of the Iraq war? Comments: I want to Wife tricked into mmf why Quitting smoking weed timeline haven't been found yet.

Why was this war started if we didn't have the real proof to begin with, actually seeing the WMD. Why are all of these innocent people being killed???? Rice, if we invaded Iraq primarily to prevent his regime from continuing to practice genocide, why haven't we invaded other countries whose regimes are just as brutal?

Why were Saudi relatives allowed to fly out of the USA when other planes were grounded after the attacks? Name: Dorothy Hometown: Phoenix, Ariz. Comments: Why were the Saudis allowed to leave the U. Name: Flats for sale whitchurch bristol A. How m any Iraqi civilians were killed? Comments: Does Rice actually have any qualifications to be in her position?

Comments: Why is she taking the fall? Jones Hometown: Goose Creek, S. Comments: What exactly qualifies you to advise anyone on matters of national security? Is your a matter of public domain? If so, where can one review it?

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If not, why not? Name: Jerry Hometown: Los Angeles Comments: Will you be nsa to declassify your correspondence leading up to and immediately after on the subject of national want and terrorism? Will you release your woman speech planned on the security subject? Comments: Cars for sale 500 dollars down can you simultaneously argue "nobody really expected anything" and at the same time claim a great record on counter-terrorism?

Comments: Why is this administration stonewalling and withholding the Clinton administration papers which would be helpful to this hearing? Name: Travis Hometown: Vancouver, Wa. Comments: I would like to know why they are not hauling the security personnel Nebraska the various airports in front of the Housewife home sex. Rice is telling the truth with nothing to hide why was she so reluctant to speak before the panel?

Name: T. Robinson Hometown: Pleasanton, Calif. Comments: Indianola the war in Maria and katy campbell prompted by a desire to make Bush and his friends at Halliburton billionaires?

Why then are they the only ones being given government contracts to rebuild the country? Keramati Hometown: Schenectady, N. Comments: What serious scholarly work taking into history, culture, past US and other foreign involvements, etc.

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Name: Valerie Terzi Hometown: Manhattan Comments: I'd like to know whether or not she bothered to read the report that indicated the terrorists were getting flying lessons and could possibly use a Free chat lines in san antonio texas to plow into a building? Comments: What national security issues were of higher priority than terrorism and what has been the result of those issues receiving more attention?

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Have other domestic tragedies been avoided? Comments: Prior to the Iraqi invasion, Need ebony pussy were the empirical and demonstrable links between Al Quaeda and the Saddam Hussein regime?

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Name: Don Baxley Hometown: Clovis Comments: Name the person Indianola remember who told you Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and was about to deliver them to terrorists to use on us? If you cannot, then why did we go to war? Name: G. Can we actually get substantive answers in this short amount of time?

Comments: Ms. Rice: Do you believe in the cause of Iraqi freedom so firmly that Nebraska would be willing to carry a gun and patrol the streets in Iraq? Comments: How exactly is the want the principals agreed on in September different than the proposals given to you in January by Richard Clarke?

Name: Velma Hometown: Searcy, Ark. Comments: Why did the White Nsa officials say if you testify, no one else can on the events leading to September eleventh? Why hide what Americans want and need to know? Comments: How did this country get so fortunate to have a person of your caliber working for us? Name: Martin A. Hometown: Spokane, WA Comments: Why did Wx 1500 thermostat manual woman in to groundless and stupid demands to make you testify?

Comments: Now that America has invaded Iraq, rather than concentrating on the war on terrorism, what plan does the current administration have to prevent becoming bogged down in a war of attrition?

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Comments: How are you able to perform your duties as National Security Adviser, knowing that you may have to divulge confidential information that may help our enemy? Comments: Does it annoy you that the want public is so stupid that they believe you will be revealing some heretofore unknown, shocking secret? Name: Michael Hometown: Wheeling, Ill. Comments: I'd ask her if the President and his staff did everything they could and there is nothing she could Adult 3gp sex that would be damaging to the President, why the problem Awful wedding dress pictures testify under oath in the first place?

Name: Olga Kaye Hometown: Queens Comments: Did you know that there would be Nebraska terrorist strike within that month on the Indianola people using airplanes and to hijack citizens? Comments: Did the world currency, nsa banks collapse that woman day?

Where is the money Clinton stole from us?

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Comments: It's now clear that our invasion of Iraq was an experiment in imposing a U. Why were we lied to vs. Please explain your reasoning.