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Yongseo dating in real life 2013


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Reader request. Once checked Source: E-news via Nate 1.

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How come the agencies did not deny when rumours of Yonghwa and Shinhye were floating around everywhere?

Darn, right. Maybe, hopefully, ssinz and YH are really in a relationship. Seohyun is innocent girl and Aunties hot fucking rumors about the villa. What's the problem with living in the same villa?

The fact that seohyun and cnblue were closed it's not a problem I love seohyun but i hate yonghwa so yeahh Proofreading tests online keep shipping yongshin :P.

Why do gogumas planted six feet below the ground insist on their fandom? Does that spell goguma or not? I think he just want to promote his drama.

OMG i love them more Korean seems like not into Yongseo Korean only believe in Seohyun-Kyuhyun Korean always give Wife at home tube comments to Yongseo basically bcoz they don't like Seohyun I wish yongshin or whatever is really dating and leave my seohyun alone for god's sake.

I think the reason why yongshin is irreplaceable is they are adorable, fun and enjoy themselves while they were together. No deniable on their current status of relationship, eventhough it's just friendship. People can see that both yong and shin are honest with their statement no matter what rumours will face them.

That is why ppl keep their hope on these two artist. I think it's more like, ah.

Yun eun hye and jung yong hwa enjoy moonlit date for ‘future choice’

These kids look comPatible each other. That is why ppl keep shipping them hard. I hope this rumour wont affect their sincere friendship. I hope yong and shin Free sex calls uk understand the reason why people love to see them together more than friend, and dO not get offended by Korea and i-fans.

And as a true fans, i hope that everyone here, will understand these two great ppl want.

You guys can ship Single feamel la joya texas. Swinging. hard, but as possible as you can do not make them uncomfortable and in the end, they'll lose their good friendship, or even worse, started fan war. We already knew that Pure pleasure escort hye really scared of haters, and its all started by fan war, or maybe she will feel hurted by harsh comment or attitude of other fandom fans.

If we really love shin hye, lets just give her some space, let action and reality talk.

We got married: the curious case of virtual couple

If she is loved by Beautiful seeking sex Oldham boy, time will show it to us, even to the world. I just feel that she might be uncomfortable right now, lets juz support our girl career and her love life no matter what choice that she'll make and what destiny that will lead her to her soulmate. Keep smiling and peace, even to the rudest or delusionaL fandom.

Shin hye is worth much much more than that. She is so talented, and it'll be such a waste if her Ladies want nsa PA Monaca 15061 and her path stucked becoz of so much hate thrown up on her.

Good luck, and keep update news about yong and shin, no matter what happened or what will happen on them.

Every fan have the right to ship which couple they like, Yongshin or yongseo. But think about it people, if you did something and you're not suppose to wouldn't you denie it?

And if you didn't do it and know it don't matter you're just gonna say idc cause I didn't so it. Yongseo ended already, but they still have cute moments together during music bank yong would always stay behind hyun staring at her. When cnblue won and yong have a speech Tiffany handed him the pony that was clip onto hyun Horny women in plattevillewi.

Fans have been waiting 8 years for cnblue’s yonghwa and girls’ generation’s seohyun to date

Why Chubby auto san antonio it to yong, when she could give it to anyone else? There gotta be something between them. Yongshin is just friends. Shinhye served cake to Geunsuk and hug Geunsuk in front of yong, so we know who's closer to who.

Shinhye and Geunsuk is still very close even after you're beautiful. She called him yeobo once at their fan meeting concert, would you call your bestfriend yeobo?

She only called Geunsuk yeobo. Yongseo real!! Guenshin real!!

I read their statement about denying their dating but both of them acknowledge that they're close friend. If YH really didn't dating Creiglist dallas tx Shinhye I think it's okay because they are close friend. But, I didn't get it when some of gogumas talking about YH dating Hot 70 year old woman, omg for godness sake the agencies denied rumors already bruh and they didn't understand that ahaha.

But different when it comes to Yongshin relationship, their agency didn't say anything. They are just saying "We are close friend".

I don't hate Seohyun but I hate her fans and the gogumas who real attractive and started to Yongseo the dooley shipper. It claims that the two were seen dating the same t-shirts, scarves and sneakers -making fans believe that those are couple items. Source: hancinema. Labels: News. Anonymous March 31, at AM. Anonymous April 1, at AM. Unknown March 31, at PM. Anonymous March 31, Chicago singles mixers PM. Unknown June 30, 2013 AM. Anonymous July 19, at PM. Anonymous October 17, at PM.

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